Through the Semper Cares Initiative, Semper Solaris proudly announces Amy Luiz as the honoree of their mission to support and uplift veterans in need. Amy’s journey embodies the very essence of the Semper Cares Initiative, a program driven by compassion and a sense of duty to those who have served our nation.


El Cajon, CA, September 28, 2023— Semper Solaris, a leading veteran owned solar company, proudly announces Amy Luiz as the honoree of their Semper Cares Initiative, Project Victor. Amy Luiz, a 9-year US Air Force veteran and single mother of two daughters, has demonstrated unwavering resilience in the face of adversity. She currently faces a daunting $3,000 PG&E bill, a burden that was unfortunately placed on her shoulders after her recent role as the primary caregiver for her veteran brother, who passed away from cancer last summer. Amy was nominated for this honor by her mother, who described her as an amazing and selfless individual.

Semper Solaris has made it their mission to recognize the incredible sacrifices and challenges faced by veterans like Amy Luiz. The Semper Cares Initiative is designed to support veterans in need, helping them achieve energy independence through solar solutions and alleviate financial burdens associated with energy bills.

“For Amy Luiz and all veterans who have selflessly served our country, Semper Solaris is honored to shine a beacon of hope through our Semper Cares Initiative,” said Kelly Shawhan, Co-Founder of Semper Solaris. “We are committed to positively impacting the lives of those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.”

As a veteran-owned company, Semper Solaris understands the importance of giving back to those who have served our country. Their commitment to this cause is deeply rooted in their core values, as evidenced by their name, which draws inspiration from the Marine Corps motto, Semper Fidelis, meaning “always faithful.” Semper Solaris founders Kelly Shawhan and John Almond, have instilled this commitment into the company’s DNA.

Semper Solaris is not only a leader in the solar industry but also a trusted solar contractor that offers battery storage, roofing, heating, and air conditioning services. They have garnered a reputation for excellence, receiving numerous awards and maintaining an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. Their success is driven by the satisfaction of their clients, who often refer friends and family to Semper Solaris.

One of the standout features of Semper Solaris is its dedication to making solar energy accessible to everyone. They offer financing options and competitive rates, ensuring that individuals and families can reap the benefits of solar panels without straining their finances. For those interested in exploring their options, Semper Solaris provides free estimates, making it easy to take the first step toward energy independence.

Amy Luiz’s story serves as a reminder of the challenges many veterans and their families face. Semper Solaris, through the Semper Cares Initiative, aims to positively impact the lives of veterans like Amy, providing them with a pathway to a more sustainable and financially secure future.

Semper Solaris invites you to join them in celebrating Amy Luiz’s unwavering commitment and service to our country. Let us honor her and all veterans by supporting initiatives that make a difference in their lives.

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Semper Solaris is a veteran-owned company that provides top-tier solar, battery storage, roofing, heating, and air conditioning solutions. Founded by Kelly Shawhan and John Almond, Semper Solaris has received numerous awards and maintains an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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