The Fort Lauderdale-based house buying company ASAP Cash Home Buyers offers quick, secure, and equitable alternatives to the traditional methods of real estate management. They help homeowners sell their homes as painlessly as possible, providing simple solutions for seemingly complex issues.  


Fort Lauderdale, FL, August 18, 2020 — ASAP Cash Home Buyers, a house-buying service that specializes in fast, safe, and fair business, offers high-quality real estate acquisition for quick cash money.

Aware of the amount of stress that homeowners experience when selling their homes through traditional channels, ASAP Cash expedites the process as best as possible, providing cash offers and buying in a matter of days, or even on a specific date set by the customer. ASAP Cash’s speed helps homeowners handle the difficult situation that would make them want to sell their house, whether that’s debt, job loss, divorce, relocation, or any other reason; no matter what, ASAP Cash will help.

Sell your home. Seriously, do it, we will make it simpler and easier than you could have ever thought possible.” That’s spokesperson Eden Sade, elaborating on ASAP Cash Home Buyers’s simple, yet powerful, mission. “We know all too well the traps of traditional real estate, with their “courting buyers phase” and all of that. We don’t mess with that. You sell your home, we buy your home, we get you cash, you lose stress. It’s that simple.”

Simple is the right word. ASAP Cash Home Buyers doesn’t split any hairs when it comes to home buying. They take it all, from humble ranch-style homes to mansions with grounds and pergolas, from little suburban numbers to homes that look suspiciously like Frank Lloyd Wright-designed them. ASAP Cash takes it all. They don’t even require homeowners to clean up; ASAP meets them where they are, right now.

“It’s a stressful time, no doubt about it.” Eden Sade again. “But we want to do our part to mitigate as much of that stress as possible. We offer fast, safe, and, above all, fair house buying. We solve problems because you need them solved. No matter who you are, no matter where you live, ASAP is here to serve and serve we shall.”  

About ASAP Cash Home Buyers

Service really is at the heart of ASAP Cash Home Buyers, who for over half a decade have created and provided options for homeowners beyond the traditional methods. They saw the need for alternative solutions for distressed homeowners and knew exactly how to meet that need. The mission of service to homeowners has allowed ASAP Cash Home Buyers to become and remain a sustainable and innovative real estate business. Their core values include: Transparency; Win-Win Solutions; Relationships First; and Explore Solutions Before Selling. ASAP Cash Home Buyers remains thankful for the care of the people who make it up, understanding that it is the people who make the change and provide the service.

Media Contact

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