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Are you wanting to sell your home in Colorado Springs fast? You might frequently mumble to yourself, “I just want to sell my house fast without all the headache and hassle.” Maybe you ventured into real estate and you just don’t feel like wasting time and money on that old rental property anymore.

Perhaps you want to move within the next few weeks and you do not have the funds to perform high maintenance and costly repairs. Whatever your reason is for needing to get out of your mortgage quickly, Fast Home Options is here to help you.

We are not traditional real estate agents and we’re certainly not your average cash home buyer. Whether you are dealing with divorce, a quick relocation, avoiding foreclosure, or just wanting to sell quickly, we buy houses fast! Most importantly, we will accept your home in any condition: ugly, old, run-down, infested with termites, and just about any other home hassle you can think of.

What is the Quickest Route that I Can Sell my House Fast?

The last thing you want to do when you are trying to quickly sell your house is to hire a real estate agent. Not only do you have to meet with them several times to discuss market values, home repairs, and other lengthy topics of conversation, but you also have to wait through a grueling selling process.

The act of consulting, listing, making repairs, staging, showing, and closing takes weeks or months. If you are in a bind to get out of your house quickly, you do not have the precious time to waste.

One of the reasons the closing process takes a minimum of 45 days to complete is because of the banks getting involved. The worst part of this horrible wait time is that your buyer could get all the way to the final closing process, only to find out their financing fell through. This is one of the most common reasons that a house does not make it through the closing process. Aside from that, your house might also present some surprises during the home inspection that leave you unable to sell until you address whatever is wrong.

This alone can cause sellers from backing out of the real estate process in order to avoid fixing expensive repairs to appease potential buyers. Thankfully, what sets home buyer companies apart from banks and real estate firms is that our financing does not fall through. We are ready for anything and prepared to buy today.

The offer we make is the cash you earn. We also skip the inspection process, so there are zero surprises or price changes to surprise you last minute. We make the process as efficient and easy for you as possible. All you have to worry about is collecting your cash and moving out!

You may have heard of other house buying companies but never really looked into them because they seem scammy or non-profitable. The reality of house buying companies like ours is that we are rapid in our process while also ensuring that you get the most out of your home. We do not list, show, or negotiate offers on your house. Rather, we buy any house in any condition and money is in your pocket within seven to ten days.

What is the Difference Between a House Buying Company and a Realtor?
One of the biggest real estate misconceptions is that selling your home always has to be done through either a traditional real estate company, or the less desirable “For Sale by Owner” approach. Very little people understand that a bank does not typically have to get involved in the home buying process.

Realtors are paid a hefty commission from the profit of your house and the inspection process can nitpick your house down to the bones, leaving you with empty pockets and even more stressed in the end.

If you are behind on your mortgage or avoiding a dreaded foreclosure, going through this burdensome process can put you even more financially behind. On the contrary, you might have structural or aesthetic issues with your house that you are financially and physically unable to fix. The very idea of random strangers walking through your house and critiquing the condition of your home can feel mortifying. These factors alone are enough to ditch the traditional route and trust the home buying process.

The difference in our business is we buy houses fast! A house buying company like Fast Home Options allows you to skip the embarrassment and financial strain which realty companies and banks can impose on your family. Our company is prepared to buy any house in Colorado Springs, just as it is.

We do not walk through your house with a lengthy to-do list for you, nor do we expect your home to be thoroughly cleaned and staged. We are there simply to get an estimate of your home’s value and to provide the swiftest and most courteous level of customer service possible. Our company believes that your time is valuable and treats it as such.

I’ll List my House After I Get Around to Fixing It
One major reason people avoid putting their house on the market is that their home is riddled with costly technical issues. While most homeowners have the best intentions of taking care of their house, other expensive or time consuming life events can push home repairs to the back burner. Some of the most common home repair delays include issues like foundational problems, a damaged roof, flood damages, termite infestation, major plumbing and septic complications, and faulty electrical work.

Getting these issues repaired can also leave you displaced out of your home for days or weeks. Even if there are no major structural problems within a home, the visual aspect of a house can be just as big of a hassle. Updated flooring, fresh paint, and trendy cabinets and countertops rack up a giant chunk of change that are simply not worth the time and money if you have to pack your bags in two weeks.

Stop putting off your home repairs and take a long breath of relief, because you don’t have to do them anymore! Our company is guaranteed to buy your home as it appears this very moment with zero repairs on your end. We do not care if the carpet is stained, your foundation is cracked, or even if the house has been abandoned! Our team of seasoned and professional experts are trained and equipped to take on any real estate challenge. You have been living with the burden of updating and waiting to sell your home for too long. Let us help you get back your time and happiness.

Is this Process for Me and How Does it Work?
We buy houses from all walks of life. If you are in a similar situation to those listed below and you have to be out of your house within two weeks maximum, we might be the most beneficial choice:

-Divorce can leave two people and their children displaced in an instant. Trading your house for cash can help avoid dealing with the other person and can help you get back on your feet quicker during the split.

-If a homeowner passed away and did not have a proper will or other legal documents, the probate court gets involved. Fast Home Options frequently purchases probate homes and will help you stay out of the legal mess.

-While people think that a foreclosure is the last possible option, this is not the case. You can easily get around foreclosure by giving us a call and avoiding the process altogether.

-Inheriting a home may seem generous, but it can often leave the inheritor financially strained and unable to take on the responsibility of someone else’s property. In the event you are unequipped to handle your inheritance, we can take it off your hands.

-If you are behind on your taxes, the last thing you want to do each year is to pile on more and more property taxes. You can avoid or escape tax delinquency once and for all by selling your home quickly for cash.

-Becoming a landlord is one of the most advertised forms of earning passive income. What experts forget to glamorize are the destructive tenants who are worthy of eviction and endless repairs that might cost more than you actually profit from the extra income. If you are over being a landlord to your rental property, we are your saving grace.

Aside from the aforementioned technical and legal reasons for wanting to sell fast, many clients call us merely out of frustration with the fluctuating housing market, tired of working with realtors, and wanting to avoid working with banks. We also cater to sellers who are overwhelmed with devastating home repairs and simply do not want to live with the burden and stress of maintaining them anymore. If you can relate to any of these situations, you should consider selling us your home.

To get started, visit our main website and fill out a brief questionnaire to help us become acquainted with your basic information and home location. We will purchase your property in Colorado Springs in any condition and we will deal with all of the problems that come with it. We are not a realtor company, so you will not have to fill out mountains of closing paperwork or waiting months for underwriting or loan approvals.

After you fill out the questionnaire, we will typically call within a maximum of twenty four hours. After that, we will set up a time to come by your house for a quick look. By quick, we mean that we will have an estimate to offer you within thirty minutes to an hour! If you are not happy with the amount we offer, you are not required to proceed with the process.

If you are satisfied with the estimate we provide, you are ready to sell! The best news is that we buy with cash. It is such a simple, yet foreign concept to so many people these days. How good would it feel to have a promised amount of liquid cash handed to you within seven to ten days of selling your house? Most homeowners are also accustomed to sacrificing a portion of their lump sum to realtor fees. Because we are a home buying company, we do not earn commission off of your sale. The cash you earn is the cash you keep.

Why Fast Home Options?
Unlike many house buying companies, the turnaround time and customer service at Fast Home Options is top notch. We are proud to hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau along with numerous firsthand customer testimonials on our website.

The best part of Fast Home Options is that we do not earn commission, charge fees, nor do we hold obligation over you during the consultation process. Contact us today if you want quick cash in your pocket.