February 21, 2020 – With technology changing lightning-fast and not only careers but whole industries being disrupted changing or disappearing its only logical that the traditional education system is under siege, and likely the system does not know it yet.

While education costs skyrocket and fewer graduates finding jobs in their selected careers all while burdened with education debt, more and more traditional students, experienced entrepreneurs and middle-aged career-minded, are looking to self-education.

With almost every question answered at the touch of a button and informational resources accessible at an unprecedented scale, more and more people are turning to online resources, courses, coaching and masterminds to get micro-targeted information and to compress years of knowledge into days.  This demand has created new careers for the knowledgeable who are wanting to impact startups and individuals wanting to break into the industry and everything in between.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint or known by some as KBB includes very powerful software called MindMint and has been designed to fill this new and growing niche! The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is an incredible course that is designed to take beginners and assist in launching a business or help a seasoned entrepreneur scale. The Knowledge Business Blueprint launched by is having its second launch in February 2020!

With over 24 thousand members using the system and software in over 150 countries all supported by a thriving community, you can impact people’s lives by tapping into your full potential! We have a complete and comprehensive review at and look at how you can easily extract your knowledge. Easily learn proven marketing strategies to find your customers, and software to implement all the systems, create pages, agendas, and emails.

This system and software deliver proven tools to confidently impact people’s lives by running events and teaching your knowledge without having to figure it all out on your own.

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