Bronx, NY, June 15th, 2021 – We are The Admissions Angle, an independent college consultant group located in the South Bronx, and we want to help in the mission of equity in higher education. We spend hours creating free college admissions content on our blog and social media platforms, as well as mentor students directly in their daunting college admissions journeys, but we also love to get more directly involved in our community. 

To that end, we are now accepting applications for our Bronx Scholars Opportunity Program (BSOP), which aims to help motivated high school students maximize their education potential, both in regards to admissions and merit-based financial aid, through one-on-one expert guidance. 

Applicants must meet four basic criteria to be considered. 

  1. Must be a rising senior with plans to graduate high school in the Spring/Summer of 2022. 
  2. Scholars should be low-income, first-generation college applicants. 
  3. Must live in one of NYC’s five boroughs. 
  4. Willing to participate in our Pay-It-Forward program the following summer (Summer 2022)

Beyond that, all we ask for is big dreams and a great attitude!

Recipients of the BSOP Award will receive:

  • A Customized College Roadmap (CCR) with a personalized Admissions Angle strategy and timeline of necessary steps
  • 10 one-on-one Zoom meetings with access to project management software to keep mentors, students, and parents on the same page
  • College list featuring dream, reach, and safety schools based on student’s achievements with counseling on suggested majors
  • Resume check with customized resume template, suggestions for effective presentation of accomplishments, and edits for grammar and content
  • Personal Statement Essay brainstorming, drafting, and editing for grammar and content (Most of the time spent here)
  • Supplemental Essay coaching with complete list of necessary supplements with brainstorming for content
  • Common Application Profile Audit/Review to make sure that all aspects of the application synergize and the application documents are spotless
  • College Application Lab Online Course access to get on-demand answers to college applications questions directly from Alex or Noelle.

Total services are valued at approximately $3,750 for each recipient.

Our Pay-It-Forward Initiative

Recipients of the BSOP Award automatically commit to serving as a junior mentor for the summer immediately following their senior year as part of our pay-it-forward initiative. The length of service will amount to about a one-week virtual training session in addition to twenty hours of mentoring younger students.

The Pay-It-Forward initiative is part of our effort to scale our impact in the NYC metro area. With The Admissions Angle’s proven strategies and a bit of help from the local community, we believe that we can help students reach and even surpass their college dreams for a better, brighter future. 

This summer we have mentors like Matthew from Queens, who will be attending Cornell University this Fall, and Violet, who will be attending the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Apply Here!

To apply for the BSOP Award, please fill out this form. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Recipients will be notified by phone or email.

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Please share this information with every motivated, hard-working rising senior in New York City! You can download a flyer here for easy distribution.

About the Admissions Angle: The Admissions Angle specializes in college admissions strategies and application essay services. We believe in a holistic approach to admissions preparation, starting as early as 8th grade with students to help them discover their academic interests and then develop activities to support this interest. We gear most of our advice and strategies towards admissions to top US colleges and universities.

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