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How important is it to have an expert affiliate marketing mentor when you start out? Well if you want ultimate success then it’s well within your best interest to. Not only to get one though but to keep them alongside you throughout your journey. There are some incredible benefits to having a mentor and it truly does put you ahead of the game in the affiliate marketing world. We started off on our journey with a mentor and community behind us, and it’s been invaluable since day one.

Why we all need a mentor

We go through our junior lives at school and have teachers to guide us. We have our parents to tell us right from wrong. But then we hit adulthood and suddenly you’re left alone in the big wide world. We all accept it because it’s part of life and we move on as best that we can. We go in the direction which we choose to because we believe it to be right. But what if you had a coach with you along that journey? Someone who you could reach out to.

The problem with starting anything new when you become an adult is that very often we don’t have a mentor to follow. We go into a new job and we follow what our bosses tell us. But do they have your best interests at heart? Or are they training you up to just fill a position that needed to be filled? Now a coach isn’t like this. Or at least not the good ones. They’re in it for the long haul, just as you are in your business. So getting the best mentor for the job really will give you the very best chance at being the success that you know you are.



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 Many times throughout your journey you will feel out of your depth. You’ll feel as though you’re drowning and need someone to help you out of the stormy seas. This is exactly what a mentor is there for.

Get the best for you

They genuinely want the best for you. They want to give you the direction which you can take, but through your own choices. A mentor isn’t there to tell you what to do, for this would be like having another boss. But they guide you through your options, let you make those decisions, and then back them up with more guidance. For you to really begin your own affiliate marketing journey, having a mentor to walk you through the steps, is essential.

When we looked into becoming affiliate marketers we had no idea what it would entail. We knew what it was and how it worked somewhat. But did we really know what it would take to get there? Not a chance. And without the help and training that we have received, I wouldn’t be here writing this blog for you. We were in the dark just like so many others out there who want to change their lives. So I hope this truly helps you through the process just as it did with us.

Failure rate

There is a reason that 95% of new affiliate marketers fail. You can check out our blog on this and how to avoid the mistakes that new affiliate marketers make. But not having a mentor is one of the reasons and without the guidance, it can feel as though you’re left in the middle of the ocean with no-one and nothing around you. Trying to find your way through the online world and all of its ins and outs can soon start to overwhelm you.

Reach out to a professional and world-class training program with dedicated mentors who want you to do well. For them as well as you, failure isn’t an option.

Psychological support to help confidence

Having any kind of mentor in life is a benefit to helping you move in the direction which you wish to go in. And if you want to become an affiliate marketer then in our opinion there is no better way then to get yourself a coach or a guide. They can walk you through the process in a way that many people can’t. Why is this? Because they’ve walked in the same steps that you want to, and made it out the other side.

Psychological support is something that is truly essential. If you find a coach like we did and a training program, then you’ll be well assured that you get the mindset coaching that goes alongside. This for us in particular was one of the best things we could have asked for. And we didn’t even ask for it. This is something that they feel strongly about teaching to get you into the best frame of mind for starting your own online business in affiliate marketing.

“If you believe in yourself anything is possible”


Having self-belief in anything that you do is fundamental to making it happen. If you don’t believe enough then you are wasting your own time. Getting the right mentor to help you through confidence building and getting deeper into the mindset really is eye-opening. Being guided into truly believing in dreams again, that they can become a reality, sets you apart from others out there for sure. If you have any dreams in life, they’re possible beyond your imagination.


self belief

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It may seem a little odd when you want to become an online marketer that believing in dreams and getting the right goals is important. But this isn’t going to be the next two years of your life that you’re investing in your business. Going into the online world and creating your own business from scratch is a lifestyle choice. Getting into that frame of mind is massive. Without having the vital guidance you could soon lose track of this. It’s not the same as having a boss and colleagues around you. It’s you at the helm. And you carrying out all the little tasks too.

Mindset for us really does equate to 90% of the success you create, and 10% the skills that you gain along the way. We’ve recently written several blogs about mindset in affiliate marketing, so you can check one of them out ‘here‘ for more information. It will open your eyes to how vital it really is to help grow your business.

Motivate and energize

We all have good days and bad days. And we all know that when we have a bad day it can feel as though everything is going wrong. You don’t know what to do to be right. You can feel as though it is a write off day from the offset. But if you knew that someone out there had your back. That they were going to be there for you. To help through the process of learning affiliate marketing. That they could motivate you unlike no one else could. How would that feel?

To come off a call or webinar from a mentor and feel as though they have just passed on their energy through the screen to you. It’s a relief of a feeling to truly be aware that someone is there for you. Having an affiliate marketing mentor really does help to keep you aligned with your journey. And when everything feels tough, you learn that this is just fine. Because without the tough days, and the mistakes that you make along the way. There really is no joy to the goal that you arrive at.

So reach out to a mentor to get the motivation, the encouragement, and the energy that you need from day one. You won’t need it all the time, you’re beliefs and determination will carry you through most of the time. But we all need a pick me up from time to time. And along with everything else that a mentor can provide for you, this is the added bonus. That someone is backing you the whole way and really is as determined as you to create the success you deserve and strive for.

Hold you accountable

So you set your own goals, aim towards them, and see what happens. You might know that you will make them happen no matter what. And this is great. But for some who are starting off and are unsure or unclear on where they are heading, a mentor can guide you through. They get you to set your goals, whether this is daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

And better than this, your affiliate marketing mentor will keep you accountable for those goals. Having someone do this with you, makes sure that you stay on track to where you are heading. You can have regular meetings and calls with them to see what progress you have been making. Where it is that you might be struggling and how they can help you to move through this.

They also teach you that you are accountable for yourself in the long term.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year, and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

Bill Gates

Knowing what you can do in a year is essential to getting your business off of the ground. But so many people overestimate this and believe that if they aren’t hitting the targets that they set themselves then they’re failing. This isn’t the case at all. They just have standards that they want to achieve and this is fantastic. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, in fact, it took approximately 1,010,450 days to build.

So your mentor will help you to set achievable goals and help you as best they can to make sure you hit them every time. They’ll teach you so much more about time management and how simple steps can help you get more from your time. It’s the most precious thing to most of us, so using it wisely is vital to making sure targets get hit and on time when you say they will.

Connect with new people

It is believed that you are the exact average of the five closest people around you. So if you want to do something amazing in life, then you need to find amazing people to be around. This may sound a little crazy but it’s true. If you take a look at those ten people around you, generally speaking, your income, status, lifestyle, and happiness will be the average of them. You might break the rules on this one, someone has to. But this was true in our case for sure. And I think most people will agree with this as well.

connect with new people

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 So by having an affiliate marketing mentor, they will connect you with like-minded people who share the same goals as you. This might be to be financially secure, overall happier, or have time to travel the world. There’s so much that we want from life. And by being in touch with people who want the same, it makes you realize how possible it is. And if they start to achieve it themselves, it helps to encourage your own journey.

Being part of a whole community will broaden your vision to what is out there. Have one or two others that you can reach out to, invites them metaphorically into your closest people. And you’ll see how much you strive to be more like them to. Just as they will do with you. This sort of help and guidance goes beyond any price.

Business skills

So you want to create your own online business from scratch? Then having an affiliate marketing mentor really couldn’t be any more in line with this. Not only will they guide you through the mindset, the goals, and time management, etc, but they will teach you valuable business skills along the way.

This could be in the form of helping you to create your own website or list for capturing emails from your audience. To guiding you on costings for marketing budgets, and learning where to get additional skills. A mentor in this field will have been through the process you are walking down. They will be able to help you with everything that you should need to get your business off the ground.

At the end of the day what you are going to be creating, or possibly already are is essentially your own business. So you need to have someone who knows the business inside out, to make sure you are doing things the right way from day one.

It’s one thing knowing the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. But if you don’t know what business model you’re going to be using then it’s not going to get you far down the line. So really having that support alongside you, can truly benefit you. There are so many forms of mentors out there to choose from, and it’s well worth doing your research into finding the best in the field you need.

Our personal journey

For us, we found everything that we needed and more from the same mentors and that’s why we chose who we did. They have given us so much of the business advice and help that without them, we would have struggled so much more along the way. We reach out to our mentors on a weekly basis and they never fail to guide us as best that they can. While helping us to get our feet on the next step to improve our knowledge. Take a look through our website to see if what we offer can align with what you need to get started too.

Get the skills

This is probably one of the most valuable parts of having an affiliate marketing mentor. That they know what works and knows the market inside out. They have the skills that have got them to where they are today. So take full advantage of this. If you get a mentor for nothing else, get one to get the skills you need.

get the skills

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You can get a separate coach for mindset, or financial support. But you want to become successful in the affiliate marketing world, then learn from the absolute best. There are mentors out there who have earned millions from their affiliate marketing businesses. Find one of these and get every bit of information you can from them.

If you feel as though this might be out of your depth, then you’re not alone. We wanted to learn affiliate marketing and we’re two individuals who tend to find their own way through life. So for us getting a mentor to help us was out of our comfort zone. To know that we would be speaking with them, having webinars, and being accountable for our own actions that we were setting with them, was scary. We didn’t know if we could do it.

But we knew that we wanted something bad enough that facing the fear of the unknown had to be done. And opening up to someone, believing that they wanted the best for us, was incredible. Now we actively seek new guidance, information from others and want to speak with as many experts as we can. Because learning from the best really gives you the insight that others can’t share.

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure if you can do it. Say ‘Yes’ then learn how to do later”

Richard Branston

To conclude on why you need an affiliate marketing mentor

When we first went into affiliate marketing and learning about how to start our own business, we never quite knew what we were taking on. Something as simple as an affiliate marketing strategy (everyone says how easy it is to sell other companies’ goods and services), turns out to truly be a whole new way of life. We absorb each and every day, constantly learning and growing. Yes, you can sell other companies’ goods for them, but if you want to be the very best in the game, then you need to learn from the very best.

Getting an affiliate marketing mentor has not only changed our lives in our business and the way that we work. It’s more than that. Our eyes have been opened and we’re waking up to the way our lives want to be lived on a permanent basis. We knew we were going into this for the long haul to change our paths and live our dreams. But it’s become something that we want to share with others.

You know our mission. And we want to give you the best chance. The chance that we had and took it. Not because we were confident at all, but because we believed in ourselves. To find a mentor and community that has the same beliefs have made us unstoppable in our journey. So if you want the same and want to reach out to us, please feel free to.