The BLB Funding Group provides business loans to startups needing a fast easy way to secure funding for their needs. Entrepreneurs needing start-up capital between $10K to $150K can get approval in 48 hours or less. BLB requires no collateral, tax returns or equity shares for approval. No paperwork is involved.

Bethlehem, PA- January 10, 2020— Funding a startup requires risk and in today’s market they’re at a disadvantage. Financing through a national bank provides limited options. Between meeting a potential bank’s requirements and proving worth, business owners run the risk of application rejection before they get started. “80 percent of small business owners who apply for a bank loan get rejected.” Brayden McCarthy, Fundera. In today’s financial climate, BLB Funding Group is the most efficient way to secure startup capital effortlessly.

“It’s difficult for small businesses in the U.S. to raise capital if they want to rely on sources other than their bank, which often can’t help them.” Oguz Knoar, Founder of BLB Funding Group. The average bank loan can take up to 90 Days. That’s time, energy, and uncertainty that could go into planning and executing your latest innovation.

Key Advantages of BLB Funding Group:

— Get between $10K to $150K in funding.

–No collateral or tax returns or equity shares required.

–Pre-qualification in 24 hours, which means business owners can have funding in up to 48 hours.

–90% approval rate backed by 100% customer satisfaction.

BLB Funding Group provides a free, no-obligation call with a dedicated financial advisor. They get down to the core of your plans to help you move forward.

“Watching and helping my customers transform excites me beyond description. It’s priceless seeing their journey as they reach beyond what they ever dreamed of and gain freedom in terms of their finances,” says Konar.

Most banks have a history of denying startups due to lack of capital, collateral, capacity or character. BLB understands for the entrepreneur, start-up capital equals power. The power to gain financial freedom, meet business goals and have independence in today’s capitalist market. BLB Funding Group takes the guesswork out of getting back to business. Getting funding for startup success is as simple as a tri-merged credit report and pre-approval. Visit BLB Funding Group to place a free, no-obligation, 15-minute call. Discover what their 2020 hassle-free startup funding looks like.

About BLB Funding Group:

Oguz Knoar, Founder of the BLB Funding Group champions financial security. At the early age of 7, he and his family experienced a life-altering hardship. They were left incomeless after his father, the sole breadwinner lost his job. This taught Oguz the value of hard work in building a brighter, self-made future. Nothing should stand in the way between the self-made business person and achieving their goals. That is Oguz’s motto. Having wrestled to create his own financial future, he believes in the power of alternative lending. His mission empowers small business owners to take charge of their ability to earn income for a better life. That is an outstanding business deal for him.

Contact Info:
Name: Funding Advisors
Organization: BLB Funding Group
Address: 1349 Lynn Avenue #156 Bethlehem, PA 18015
Phone: 1-844-BLB-FUND