Scout the world & master the movies for free with ScoutMaster, the new GPS app featuring the most comprehensive database of film/tv shooting locations available on the web! Users can now track locations to titles of their favorite films, shows, docs, music videos & other media, they can request additional titles and/or locations, & they can even contribute their own discovered locations for full credit! Users can now safely explore the world of entertainment with colored pins to indicate public/private property, & can adjust their mile radius to modify the scope of their travel adventures! Available on iOS & Android for ages 18+.


Portland, OR, United States, March 27, 2020 – BrainyApps & ScoutMaster LLC introduce ScoutMaster, the new GPS app that brings you closer to the world of entertainment! Featuring the most comprehensive shooting location database of its kind, ScoutMaster’s advanced navigation system enables users to easily search & track precise shooting locations to all their favorite media (films, television, documentaries, music videos, etc) across the globe! Now, anyone can excite their travels by going “on location” to sites made famous by actors, filmmakers, musicians, celebrity chefs, reality stars and other pop culture artists!

Powered by GoogleMaps, ScoutMaster’s ScoutMap guides the user through tens of thousands of shooting locations collected from hundreds of online sources, and, as a bonus, ScoutMaster’s curated map also includes memorabilia museums, themed tours, and even behind-the-scenes locations that inspired the on-screen action!

Until now, tracking shooting locations often involved the user having to search across multiple sites & blogs to find their travel destinations, followed by manually copying & pasting addresses onto their separate map browsers. ScoutMaster conveniently removes these steps by placing all locations on the same coordinate-based grid as the user for a unique first-person experience.

Complete with detailed scene descriptions for context & clarity, ScoutMaster’s locations feature colored pins to indicate public and private property to ensure safe scouting for all users, and scouts can even adjust their mile radius to modify the scope of their travel adventures. Say goodbye to the past of exhaustively researching locations to your favorite films & shows, and say hello to the future of niftily exploring a century’s worth of worldwide entertainment with ScoutMaster!

Scout the world & master the movies with ScoutMaster, new from BrainyApps. Sign up for free today on iOS & Android, and visit the app website to learn more.

About ScoutMaster LLC: ScoutMaster LLC is the developer of ScoutMaster, a GPS navigational app for film/tv shooting locations.

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ScoutMaster will have a booth at SXSW 2021