Scan HTP, a textile printing company based in Silkeborg, Denmark, announced their updated line of fashion textile printing services. The company offers customizable printing services using state-of-the-art digital printing techniques.

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The latest announcement highlights the specialized services that Scan HTP can offer to their clients. Using digital printing technology, the company can turn a customer’s fashion ideas into a reality. Scan HTP can print designs and patterns onto polyester and polyester blends to maximize the clarity of the print.

The digital printing techniques used by Scan HTP have many benefits when compared to traditional textile printing. Digital printing can offer more shades of colour, and can provide prints with photograph-quality details.

Digital printing is also more environmentally friendly than traditional printing. Digital printing saves resources, with the printing process having extremely low water- and minimal energy consumption. This means less wastewater and less CO2 emissions from the production process. The team at Scan HTP pride themselves in their commitment to the environment, and only work with material suppliers that are committed to environmental protection.

The fashion textile printing offered by Scan HTP can allow clients to express themselves at any scale. The digital printing process can be used on orders of any size, effectively removing minimum limits. The process also avoids any overlap problems that can plague the traditional printing process, therefore further reducing waste.

The team at Scan HTP can also help clients perfect their ideal design. The company’s on-staff designer can help clients develop a design from scratch, or simply help a client translate an existing idea into a workable design.

Scan HTP is dedicated to the most recent fashion trends and believes that digital printing allows for the artistic expression needed for modern preferences. While they are based in Denmark, the experts take their fashion inspiration from all over the world, and have worked with clients across a variety of style preferences. Learn more about the company’s fashion experience here

The company ensures a clear printing process by utilizing transfer prints. During this process, the company first prints the client’s pattern or design on specially coated transfer paper. After the design is on transfer paper, the company reprints the design onto fabric at high temperatures. The high temperatures bind the ink to the fibers of the polyester, resulting in a precise and well-shaded finished product.

Scan HTP was established in 2009 by Knud Villefrance Rasmussen. Situated in the heart of Silkeborg, one of Denmark’s most beautiful cities, the company has been an industry leader in digital print production making. The company has an extensive customer portfolio, having created technical, home, fashion, and outdoor textiles for clients throughout Europe.

A representative from the company said: “The conservative attitude as to what to wear, how and when has retired. The trends of the fashion houses are more guidelines to fashion than they are instructions. Let us help you implement an individual expression or the urge to follow a new trend. If you want it all green, green it is! And we will even have your fabric ready in two weeks.”

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