SARCO Architects, a premium architecture firm in Costa Rica, has been named on Luxury Lifestyle Awards’ World’s Top 100 Architects and Designers list for 2022. SARCO Architects was the only firm from Costa Rica to make the list. Their most recent project, Villa Avellena, was also recognized as a 5-Star property in the 2022-2023 International Property Award’s Best Architecture Single Residence Costa Rica category.


San José, Costa Rica, March 9, 2023— Costa Rica’s premium architecture firm, SARCO Architects, has been named on the Luxury Lifestyle Awards’ (LLA) coveted World’s Top 100 Architects and Designers list for 2022.

The SARCO team, which had been previously recognized by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards as the Best Luxury Architecture Studio in Costa Rica offers international clients the very best in luxury residential architecture and design. They were the only firm from Costa Rica to make the list.

“This is a stand-out moment for my team, my family, and for me,” says Roderick Anderson. “My father would be very proud of what we have achieved. His values of honesty, hard work, and a compelling desire to delight our clients have always guided me. This recognition is a great representation and validation of our core principles.”

For more than 15 years, the LLAs have been stalwarts in the global luxury design industry with architecture and interior design as core components. Their criteria focus on innovation, imagination in design, and superior quality.

To add to the honor of these Costa Rica architects, their most recent project, Villa Avellana, was recognized in the 2022-2023 International Property Award’s as “5-Star, Best Architecture Single Residence Coast Rica” category. The project also garnered the award for “Best Architecture Single Residence Americas 2022-2023”.

SARCO Architects was founded in 1972 by Heubert Anderson. Now, the second generation heads the award-winning architects Costa Rica helm—his son, Roderick Anderson, took over the firm following his father’s passing. He has taken a firmly-established firm that originally served only local clientele, to greater heights and serving very exclusive international clients: these honors add to a stack of many awards collected in the past decade.

“The SARCO System™ is an interplay of four work philosophies: design talent, technology, construction know-how and experience, and client communication,” notes Anderson.

“Combining these four core components ensures we provide our clients with a bespoke and highly detailed design service. Each of our clients is wowed by the resulting property and can enjoy it for many years. They also feel involved, informed, and fully engaged throughout the creation process while knowing their dream project is in safe hands.”

About SARCO Architects:

SARCO Architects is the premier choice for designing and constructing modern luxury homes in tropical Costa Rica. They cater to international clients who want to design and build their dream getaway in the happiest country in the world. With over fifty years of experience, the talented SARCO team helps clients remotely manage every facet of their project using the SARCO advanced virtual reality toolkit. Choose to work with SARCO and experience “puro lujo” (pure luxury).

Contact Information:

Press Contact: Roderick Anderson
Phone Number: +1 646 712 9299
Address: 11501, San Pedro, Montes de Oca, San José, Costa Rica