Sales Loves Marketing, is a company build by and for Marketing & Sales professionals. And by giving only the best tools out there in the market, it’s helping hundreds of people to grow their business to its maximum potential.


Cedar Springs, MI, August 31, 2021 – When it comes to accelerating the growth of a business, people know that the key behind success is a good marketing strategy. And since the digital era began, marketing specialized websites offered pre-created strategies for entrepreneurs all over the globe that promise to help them boost their sites. The truth is that if you’re not a marketer expert or simply someone who understands the marketing jargon: choosing the correct template between hundreds of options will seem like an overwhelming task. Which, in some cases, might be the wrong choice and will translate into a monetary loss and a waste of time for you and your company, leaving you with the same results you had before you’ve even paid for the service.

But worry no more, Sales Loves Marketing, has built the right solution for every case. They don’t want to give you a full overview of all the tools out there, they would only offer the ones which have a proven track record -measured by good ratings- or came highly recommended by you or your colleagues. And since they are a company build by and for Marketing & Sales professionals, you can trust you will be given only the best tools out there in the market in order to help you grow your business. To keep the site running you might see some ads and affiliate links on the site, but remember that this has no impact on the tools shown as they always stay independent.

But getting into the real marketing strategies, did you know that one of the most lucrative businesses in the current times is to build an amazon affiliate niche site? And that many of the guys that build and sell amazon affiliate sites get richer after that? Well, now you know it and luckily you can get help from Sales Loves Marketing, to build your own.

As Joran Hoffman, the founder of Sales Loves Marketing explains: “An Amazon affiliate niche site is simply a method for monetizing your website through the Amazon associates’ program which is focused on building content around a targeted niche. You monetize your website if a visitor clicks on a link and purchases a product or service on Amazon“.

On his blog, he also explains that it does not matter how cool your website design is or how well you can rank your website in Google and anything else you may have heard about building a website. If you don’t select a viable niche, your website will simply fail to produce any substantial earnings. So if you want to earn good commissions, promote your business and become competitive, check out Hoffman’s tips on how to make it happen.

Another great tool for our generation is the virality through social media and all the benefits that followers and larger audiences could provide to your business. That’s why Sales Loves Marketing offers hacks behind the best IG tools and real/free help on how to buy real TikTok likes. From boosting your visibility and credibility on the platform with original content to expertise on what app should you purchase that will give you real likes so the algorithm will push your content to more users, they will help you to get your content to its maximum potential. 

So if you’re ready to boost your business and growth it to the next level with real experts behind every marketing tool, visit and find out more about their services.

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