motorcycle safety

If you own a motorcycle, you know that the thrill of riding one doesn’t compare to being inside a car. There’s something about the openness of motorcycles and the adrenaline rush they deliver that is hard to resist.

Unfortunately, motorcycles, in general, are less safe than four-wheel vehicles. While the number of motorcyclist accident-related deaths has decreased in recent years, motorcycles have a fatality rate 28 times higher than that of passenger vehicles.

If you operate a motorcycle, taking extra care when on the road can help prevent an accident. Here are five safety tips to help you avoid a motorcycle accident today.

1. Make Yourself Visible

One of the most common accident scenarios between a motorcycle and a vehicle is when the vehicle’s driver makes a left-hand turn into the path of the bike. Making sure that other drivers can see you can help reduce the risk of an accident. This includes wearing bright or reflective clothing, using your headlight at all times, and using your horn when appropriate.

2. Resist Splitting Lanes

It’s tempting to split lanes and travel in between cars, particularly during traffic jams when it seems like no one is moving. But doing so can create an accident; drivers in cars sometimes can’t see a motorcycle coming in their side window until it’s very close. A driver may decide to squeeze into the lane next to theirs and may not see you driving between the two lanes.

Having said that, some states do allow motorcyclists to split lanes under certain conditions. Check with the laws in your state to make sure you’re allowed to do so.

3. Don’t Operate a Motorcycle While Intoxicated

Drunk driving isn’t just a problem among vehicle motorists. Motorcyclists make up the biggest percentage of drivers in the U.S. most likely to die in an alcohol-impaired crash.

Don’t operate your bike after drinking, as it can have dire consequences. Stay on the safe side and call Uber or have a friend take you home. It’s not worth the risk.

4. Don’t Ride During Poor Weather

A motorcycle plus wet weather is usually a bad combination. Motorcycles only have two wheels, giving them less grip on a wet roadway compared to a four-wheel vehicle. Icy or snowy roads can make travel treacherous for motorcycle drivers.

To minimize the chance of an accident, operate your bike only when weather conditions are ideal. Poor weather conditions not only make the roads slippery but can obstruct your vision if precipitation accumulates on your helmet’s visor.

Many motorcycle owners store their bikes during the winter because the temperatures and weather aren’t suitable for an enjoyable ride.

5. Be Observant

Be aware of other drivers and your surroundings at all times. Motorcycles are more susceptible to potholes and poor road conditions. Car drivers may suddenly swerve or they may be on their phone and not paying attention.

With less to surround and protect them, motorcyclists need to be extremely observant to help avoid injury to themselves and others.

We Can Help If You’ve Had a Motorcycle Accident Today

Motorcyclists can help prevent accidents and fatalities by following these safety tips. Putting in the extra effort while riding your bike can help keep yourself and others safe on the road.

Have you had a motorcycle accident today or recently? If you or another person has been injured, we can advise you of your rights and help you win compensation. Read more about why you should choose us for your legal representation.