filters and blocks inappropriate and explicit content to keep you and your family safe while searching for content online.


Glen Waverly, VIC, 5 May 2020 – Like the entire world, the internet can be a big scary place. You wouldn’t venture out into the world without taking a few precautions, especially if your children or loved ones are involved. The same thing applies to the internet. Thankfully, you have a choice in how you access the internet, and if you are easily impressionable or have children who regularly use the internet to do school work or view child-friendly content, you owe it to yourself and your family to use

One of the biggest fears parents have any time they allow their children to use the internet is that they will somehow come across inappropriate content that could be shocking at best, and could possibly be emotionally damaging at worst. With, you are able to more fully control the content your children view, ensuring a safe search kids will be protected by at all times.

Of course, it would be possible for you to use any number of different content control software packages to control what is viewed over the internet on your devices. But with an external control package, there is often a subscription fee involved, and additional software to download which can sometimes expire unexpectedly, or for which your subscription could run out and leave you and your family instantly vulnerable to the myriad sources of shocking, inappropriate or explicit content.

An additional problem with software-based solutions that must be installed separately is that sometimes unscrupulous websites can mask their content and get around the controls, thereby getting their inappropriate or explicit content to your family.

By using as the default safe search engine on all of your devices, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets, the results are filtered remotely before they ever arrive at the final point of the device you use to access them and are then viewed by you and your family. This offers a much higher level of protection than the third-party software solutions you might so often hear about.

And doesn’t just filter out the bad contents from each of your search results. also prevents online advertising that may feature inappropriate or explicit content from ever being served to your devices. Remember, it’s not just search results that your children might be exposed to. Advertising often uses explicit or inappropriate content, and often uses it to sell the most basic things, such as clothing, that you wouldn’t think normally would present a problem.

By using, you can be sure that not only explicit or inappropriate search results will be filtered out of the content received on your devices, but also inappropriate or explicit advertising will be blocked from ever reaching as far as your device. is the safe search engine to use to protect your family from inappropriate or explicit content, and rest easy when your children or loved ones are searching for content on the internet. filters out the bad stuff, and makes the world a better place. 

About the Company: filters and blocks inappropriate adult, vulgar, profane, offensive, and inappropriate content from search engine results, and safeguards kids by not showing any bad content.

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