Saeid Jamali is proud to announce the release of his brand-new book, “Big Data: The Next Giant Step.”


Manchester, United Kingdom, 19 November 2020 – For the first time, Saeid Jamali is excited to launch his newest book “Big Data: The Next Giant Step.”

Saeid Jamali, a Manchester-based big data researcher and author, is proud to announce the release of his brand-new book “Big Data: The Next Giant Step.” With a focus on big data analysis, Jamali has studied this field for many years and has just recently been published his book on this game-changing technology on Amazon. 

Saeid Jamali explains that he “came up with the idea of integrating big data and monitoring systems after popping out for a coffee. The idea of integrating the monitoring system with big data analysis to predict future events such as organ failure. While he was in the queue, he over-heard two emergency medical personnel talking about a news title. The news said an elderly man had died from a heart attack. However, the reason for his death was not a heart attack itself but waiting for an ambulance for a long time. One of them made a wish but she didn’t know she made her wish in the right place at the right time. She wished the emergency personnel somehow knew who was going to need them before it was too late. This lit a light bulb in his brain and he worked on integrating big data analysis with medical monitoring since then.”

Saeid Jamali provides a wide variety of services and products to help improve the medical industry, which you can learn about when you buy his book at 

Saeid Jamali continues to state that, “Big Data is the next giant step and the next big achievement after the internet itself. This book explains what big data is and how we can use big data to achieve the impossible and predict the future.”

With so many big data books out there, it can be difficult for technology lovers to know where to turn. That’s where Saeid Jamali’s book “Big Data: The Next Giant Step” comes in. With a focal point on big data facts, Saeid Jamali’s newest book is guaranteed to get you the insight you need to succeed.

According to Saeid Jamali, “we constantly hear news titles such as; Russian government changed the result of the US election using big data, big data is the key to colonising outer space, big data is the new gold…etc. We have been hearing all of that fairly recently and it is time to understand what big data is.”

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Saeid Jamali is a big data researcher and author that is based out of Manchester, United Kingdom.

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