My name is Saeid Jamali, and I’m a computer and network technology engineer. My specialization is in the field of big data and IoT, which I have been researching since 2015. In addition to my contributions to the field, I’m pursuing a doctoral proposal in big data. My new book, titled Big Data, will be a game-changer in the field and explore new technologies. I am also the founder of the UK-based company Intellithing, which specializes in cutting edge IoT research. 


Manchester, United Kingdom, 18 June 2020 – Do you want to learn new technology in the field of big data? With my new book, I explore new technologies that have been extensively researched and influenced by my expertise in the field. 

I have always been fascinated with computer engineering. When I immigrated from Iran to the UK when I was seventeen years old, I knew I wanted to pursue my dreams.

I began my research in 2015, and have since developed the field of big data through creating big data analysis protocols and frameworks. Additionally, I started my own company Intellithing, which specializes in technological development. 

Through Intellithing, we are developing technology that will completely change the way that medical emergencies work. We plan to do this by using big data-fuelled technology that will use historical data of vulnerable patients to predict an organ failure.

The historical data of vulnerable patients include heart attacks and other life-threatening risks to inform the medical emergency automatically. The system will pick up if the patient is about to a heart attack and will automatically call for emergency support. 

Before the patient has even had a heart attack, emergency responders will be on the scene. With this system, it will completely change the framework of how we respond to emergencies and can save people’s lives by acting swiftly and before the emergency occurs. 

With the development of this system, it has further impacted my research. In my new book, Big Data, I explore how big data can be used to predict the future. It introduces the reader to what big data is, its advantages, disadvantages, and how it works theoretically. 

Big Data explores how big data can affect human life and lead to more development as a society. In this book, I use my real-life experience and expertise to inform the reader and draw from my research to explain the technicalities of big data better. 

In addition to being a leader in the big data field, my company Intellithing also specializes in marketing, web hosting, and empowering your ideas. 


I am a UK-based computer and network technology engineer that specializes in big data and IoT. My company, Intellithing, has developed new historical data-driven technology that will change how the medical industry responds to emergencies. In my new book, Big Data, I dive into what big data is and how it can change humanity. For more information on me, feel free to check out my biography or follow my Instagram account.

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