Sacrize, an online designer, manufacturer, and purveyor of high-quality clothing imprinted with a variety of messages of faith, has launched a new website featuring a line of comfortable, stylish fashions designed to be worn for any occasion.


May 4, 2020 – People of faith today are often presented with a series of choices from the moment they get up in the morning. They may feel hindered from beginning their day in town while wearging a tee shirt stating their Christian faith that they might feel comfortable wearing outside a church retreat or a summer camp. Perhaps they don’t want to wear cringe-worthy artwork. Or maybe the idea of contextualizing the gospel to the larger culture puts them ill at ease. Or maybe it’s the scratchy feeling they get from the sort of cheap fabric that is so often used for clothing printed with messages used to proselytize.  In short, how should one best honor their beliefs while at the same time staying comfortable and stylish?

It is the mission of Sacrize to establish a line of stylish, comfortable Christian clothing that easily fits into any occasion. Providing a full range of well designed, high-quality tee shirts, hoodies, and other clothing printed with the word taken directly from scripture.

Sacrize clothing is constructed from the highest quality materials, which ensures exceptional fit and lasting comfort that will stand the test of time. Sacrize believes that establishing faith in one’s heart is the work of the Holy Spirit.

As a company, Sacrize is not in the business of selling the gospel. After all, the gospel sells itself, just like it has been doing for millenia. All the content printed on Sacrizes high-quality clothing is content taken directly from scripture, because at Sacrize we believe that that is where faith rests. While many other companies may provide clothing with a similar message, Sacrize sets itself apart from the rest of the market through its use of entirely unique designs and the highest quality workmanship.

Sacrize Christian apparel provides to you a modern take on daily fashion wear that not only emphasizes Christian faith, but also features the highest level of quality, comfort, and style. Every piece Sacrize produces is entirely custom made, the entire way from the fabric used to make it to the packaging used to ship it to you. The team at Sacrize brings with it many years of ongoing professional experience in the fashion industry.  Over the years, the Sacrize team has gained access to a wide variety of high-grade materials, which include printing, iron-on, transfers, embroidery, and rhinestones.

With Sacrize, it’s not just an article of clothing. It’s an article of faith.

About Sacrize: Sacrize Christian apparel brings to you modern daily wear fashion that emphasizes Christian faith, quality, comfort, and style. Every piece of our products is custom made from fabric to packaging. With many years of professional experience in the fashion industry, our team has acquired access to various high-grade materials including iron-on, printing, embroidery, transfers, and rhinestones. Learn more at