Global manufacturer of advanced lubricants and high-performance greases, RS Clare, is excited to announce the appointment of David Meadows as Managing Director, effective 1st January 2022.


Liverpool, UK, May 3, 2022– One of the United Kingdom’s oldest companies, RS Clare & Co Ltd, is ushering in a new era of progress with the appointment of David Meadows as the Managing Director.

The appointment of David was made back in January.

The Meadows family has a rich history of leading the company to success, and David will be the sixth generation of Meadows to hold the position of Managing Director.

“It’s a huge honour for me to lead this historic and pioneering private family business.  I’m excited to be inheriting a very talented team of employees, a global customer base and a supportive and ambitious board to help us achieve further success,” said David Meadows.

Despite all the difficulties the world has faced in the past few years, RS Clare has managed to achieve record profits and unprecedented success. 

With a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the prestigious Manchester University, David brings a much welcomed addition of technical knowledge to the role. 

Before the promotion, David served as Director, Marketing and Communications, which has given David an understanding of the customers in the company’s core markets. This is crucial when it comes to understanding the challenges these customers face.

“David has some very tall shoes to fill, and I have absolutely no doubt he is going to thrive as director,” said Paul Vann, David’s predecessor.

For more than 270 years, RS Clare has satisfied the evolving needs of their customers by adapting the company accordingly. As a result, the team has solidified an enviable reputation, largely in part due to the team’s ability to align with the markets they serve.

RS Clare serves a variety of markets, including oil and gas, rail, marine, industrial, and thermoplastic. As one of the most historic companies in the United Kingdom, the team has managed to find success despite everything the world has thrown at them.

For more information, you can visit the RS Clare company website, which can be found here. You can view an in-depth description of the services and products offered by RS Clare. You can also get in touch with the team via phone, email, or message.

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About RS Clare & Co Ltd: RS Clare was founded in Liverpool in 1748 at the start of the Industrial Revolution. We are the longest established company manufacturing lubricants in the United Kingdom. Despite our age, our company is innovative, dynamic and constantly pursuing new ways to improve the services and products we offer.

Our Industrial Lubricants Division has built on our long experience in grease making by servicing niche markets for speciality products in Rail, Oil and Gas, Marine, Steel, and Automotive industries throughout the world. Our Private Label Lubricants Division continues to manufacture conventional and non-conventional lubricants under customers’ own brands.

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RS Clare & Co Ltd
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