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Do you ever wake up in a not so good mood, totally annoyed by boring aspects, frustrated by people, easily disgusted with everything around you, and then it goes by releasing all the bad vibes?

We guess you are nodding in yes, after all, we all have been there. In such cases, we forget about life’s magic, we feel disconnected from within and also disconnected from others, even we feel disconnected from everything that’s around us! Most importantly, we forget about love and self-love.

We know that you try hard to love yourself and to feel connected with everyone but you fail deliberately. But now you don’t need to worry because we are here with something to provide you relief.

When the water gets above your head and you wish to reconnect with yourself and love, then rose quartz egg is all you need. This egg is the most famous love stone of present, past,

Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs and Benefits

Rose quartz egg is a soft, feminine, pink stone that gives high vibrations about love in abundance, in all the aspects i.e., family love, self-love, friends love, romantic love, and peaceful relations with everybody.

Moreover, rose quartz assists you in recognizing your self-worth, and also to experience warmth, peace, joy, and healing. This egg assists in dissolving past traumas and wounds by releasing the early imprinting which will enable you to love yourself.

The vibrations of rose quartz dissolve anger, release emotional tensions, heals heartache, and removes all those thoughts that don’t serve you. Also, it is so helpful in providing comfort at the time of grief which is associated with dying and death.

The good energies of the rose quartz attract self-love and Love for others. Other than this, it gears up the emotional sensitivity. Other than this, it helps in inspiring the love of beauty and art and accepting the required change.

So many empresses of the Royal Palace of China used these eggs to get access to the feminine power, to awaken the senctual energy, and to maintain health till their old age.

Furthermore, we have jotted down some rose quartz yoni egg properties.

Rose Quartz Heals and Purifies the Heart Chakras

Rose quartz is one of the most significant healing crystals and chakra for the heart. The essence of love and healing will reverberate to the whole damn body. And then, it will help to heal, balance, and purify all the chakras.

Besides, it is the semi-precious stone that has all the incredible and energetic properties of healing and self-love. The rose eggs are natural stones that give high vibrations and they are wonderfully carved into the shape of an egg. Also, they are polished too, in case you wish to wear them inside.

It lets you Gain a New Relationship and Mend a New one

Also, you can use the yoni egg to invite new love, heal, and mend the problems of a relationship, regain trust, or to make your relationship strong. For that, you just need to keep the egg internally or you can keep it beside your bed and then meditate.

Rose Quartz Stimulates the Imagination Power

In addition to this, it is a natural aphrodisiac and it stimulates the imagination power and encourages the steamy relations. Just in case you’re feeling bold, then you may wish to try the rose quartz inside along with your partner.

It Helps in Proper Functioning of Body Parts

Rose quartz egg also helps in the proper functioning of the heart, circulatory systems, kidneys, and the reproductive systems of females. It helps by giving increased fertility and reduces depression.


Rose Quartz can be used to Perform Kegel Exercises

The Yoni Eggs are used to do kegel exercises. These exercises are specifically designed to improve and to provide strength to the muscles of the pelvic region. These eggs are so effective to be used there. The women all around the world use jade eggs to improve the quality of their life. Also, they are so effective and help in enhancing life and helps in developing more self-love.

What exactly does a Rose Quartz yoni egg stone do?

A yoni egg has many healing and loving properties. Most importantly, it is beneficial for females in various ways, such as:

  • It reawakens the sensuality and increases the libido.
  • It lowers the menstrual pain and PMS.
  • It also provides strength to the muscles of the pelvic floor.
  • It helps in balancing the levels of estrogen.
  • It prevents infertility and helps in promoting the growth of nerves.
  • It facilitates easy birth.
  • It helps in better circulation and blood flow.
  • It helps in increasing intimacy.
  • Also, it increases the blood circulation and blood flow to the muscles and organs.

Clean it using white sage or other such methods

The color of the quartz yoni egg fades if it is kept in the direct sunlight. That’s why make sure to clean it using white sage, moonlight, and other such cleaning methods.

What is the importance of using Rose Quartz Egg?

There are plenty of benefits to this stone. The most important of them all is romance and love. It opens the chakra of the heart, clears and calms the emotions and it also helps in releasing anger, stress, fear, and tension.

It also helps to inculcate some good habits in us such as developing compassion for others. It also heals the pain and other ailments of the heart.


So, this is it, this was all about the Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs. Overall, these eggs are so useful and beneficial for females. They help in cultivating the feelings of self-love and healing.

So, do not wait for more time now and buy one of these stones for you. And welcome happiness and love in your life.