You can now get your roof replaced with the help of solar.


Hamilton, NJ, June 18, 2020: Solar and electrical service company Genrenew announced today that they will now offer roofing as an additional service. Roof Replacement Services by GenRenew is a creative way to have your roof replaced with the help of solar and offers a new way for homeowners to replace their roof with $0 out of pocket cost. GenRenew specializes in residential Solar, Generators, Batteries, Car chargers, electrical repair & installation as well as the new roof replacement offering.

“The best time to go solar is right after you replace your roof; now GenRenew can bundle these offerings in order to make going solar seamless and cost-effective,” says Clark Pegler, Director of Business Development at GenRenew. Clark Pegler brings with him over 20 years of roofing experience growing up and working with his father’s roofing business. Learn more about their $0 out of pocket solar installation!

Features and benefits of Roof Replacement Services by GenRenew include.

  • Replacing your roof can be costly, with GenRenew you can have those costs covered by going solar or other financing.
  • We offer a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty associated with every roof installation as well as a 5-year labor warranty on every roof installation.
  • All estimates are free of charge.

Roof Replacement Services will be available starting June 2020. For more information on Roofing Services, visit

About GenRenew: At GenRenew, we are creating a new type of energy company that focuses on bringing our employees and our customer the best experience possible by redefining what it means to own the energy you consume. We are focusing on educating, consulting and servicing residential and commercial building owners, helping them understand their energy consumption and connecting them with sustainable resources that can help them save money and help the environment at the same time. This is the generation that helps save our planet and we plan on helping them get educated on how solar energy can help.

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