Jaymellz, a rapper and songwriter from Aiken, South Carolina, has signed a record deal with Bentley Records, an award-winning and luxury record label. He is also working on upcoming music projects with Soulja Boy and other artists. Jaymellz has been performing since a young age and has mastered the art of singing, songwriting, rapping, and producing. Jaymellz continues to rise in the music industry as he collabs with well-known artists. For more information, visit www.jaymellz.com


Trenton, SC, January 12, 2021 ‒ Jaymellz, a rapper based out of South Caroline, announced today that he has signed a deal with Bentley Records, an award-winning luxury brand. He also has music in the works with Soulja Boy, a well-known rapper and songwriter. 

Jaymellz started singing at a young age and discovered his talent for rapping and hip hop. He combines influences from the 1990s with modern hip hop, creating a unique sound that is completely his own. He started writing his own music and rapping when he was in middle school but didn’t start pursuing his career until after high school. Jaymellz began producing and releasing his own music in 2009, and one of his first singles “Sounds” is available on iTunes and other online music sites. 

As an entrepreneur, Jaymellz started his own independent record label called B.A.S.E. Ent. and has worked with other small record companies before landing his deal with Bentley Records. He has worked with the likes of DJ Smallz, JStaffz, Queen Sheeba of Poetry Vs Hip-Hop, and actor Jharrel Jerome. Jaymellz and his music have been featured on the New York internet radio show “HotplayRadio” and various hip hop blogs. 

In addition to working on his own music and collaborations, Jaymellz also creates custom made beats, vocals for premade tracks, provides music consultations for budding artists, mixing and mastering services, and photography. As a self-made rapper and businessman, Jaymellz understands how expensive creating music can be. He provides these services to new artists to help them save money and develop their brand. Jaymellz wants to help artists get their music out there and further their craft. 

To stay up to date with what Jaymellz is up to and listen to his music, visit his website, find his music on Spotify, follow him on Instagram, follow him on Twitter, and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

ABOUT JAYMELLZ: Born in Aiken, South Carolina, Jaymellz has been performing since he was seven years old. Encouraged by a family member, Jaymellz began singing, eventually transitioning into rapping and songwriting in middle school. He began producing and releasing his own music in 2009 and owns B.A.S.E. Ent., his independent record label. Jaymellz has worked with Geecheeboi Records, DJ Smallz, CEO of Southern Smoke, JStaffz, Queen Sheeba of Poetry Vs Hip-Hop, and actor Jharrel Jerome. He is currently signed with Bentley Records and has projects in the works with Soulja Boy and other artists. As a singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer, Jaymellz is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. 

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