Ride in style: Ultimate guide to wedding Limo pricing

With over 130 thousand companies providing wedding limos today, trying to find that one needle in a haystack for your special day can seem like a daunting task. In addition to finding the perfect dress, perfect venue, and making sure all current and future relatives are getting along, you now have to find the perfect transportation for your wedding day needs.

But having options in this economy is a good thing, even if you feel like you are sweating it out between one limo operator or another. At the same time, with sales in the wedding limo industry grossing $3.3 billion in 2014 alone, to some couples, finding the perfect mode of transportation can seem out of reach for many reasons.

Wonder no more and discover how to ride in style with this ultimate wedding limo pricing guide.

Industry Issues in Wedding Limo Pricing
There was a time in the wedding services industry where limousines for your big day were reserved only for the richest of the rich. But with a booming industry that is growing by the minute, wedding limo pricing is now something that can be affordable to any bride or groom seeking special transportation on their big day.

Just after the bursting of the real estate bubble between 2007 and 2009, few Americans were putting wedding limos into their budgets for one of the most special days of their lives.

But today, the industry is growing at a rate of 11.5 percent a year, and more and more companies are hitting the market to offer today’s brides and grooms safe and luxurious transportation on their wedding day.

This growth is not expected to disappear anytime soon. From safety to luxury needs, today’s couple’s are hiring wedding limo services for a variety of purposes.

For some, it is about feeling like a prince and princess on their big day. For others, a wedding limo of any size accommodates transportation for an entire bridal party on a day where alcohol is expected to be flowing at a rate faster than that of a bride’s tears.

Whether you are looking for safety or luxury on your big day, know that the industry is rising to meet your demands with affordable wedding limo pricing for anyone.

Size Matters in Wedding Limo Pricing
The two most important factors when it comes to wedding limo budgets are size and time used. No matter your budget or the size of your wedding, the longer you use the limo on the day of your wedding, the more expensive it will be.

The next most important facet of wedding limo prices is the size of the vehicle, but that does not necessarily mean that a larger vehicle will cost you more.

The more people you can use your wedding limo for, the more affordable your wedding limo is likely to be.

Wedding limos are priced by the hour and by the size of the vehicle needed. For example, if you are hiring a Bentley for only you and your beloved, you may need additional transportation for the same number of hours for your bridal party.

This could double or even quadruple your wedding limo costs. But if you are hiring one big vehicle for your entire party and extended family, you will likely be able to save costs.

Before you begin your wedding limo pricing adventure, determine exactly what you will need on the day of your event.

Wedding Limos for Every Party
Today’s wedding industry is such that every modern-day wedding is as unique as the couple planning it. You may be eloping and want something special, such as a Bentley or Rolls Royce, to drive you and your love around town in style.

Or, you may be holding an international fest that is several days long and have dozens of people that need to be transported from this venue to the next.

There are wedding limos for every size of event and party. On average, most wedding limos will start at a rate of approximately $75 per hour, but this is subject to change by company and vehicle.

An average-sized limousine could cost $100 hourly, and larger stretch limos will run a little higher.

With rising costs in fuel and in the insurance industry, you may see prices increase by area depending on where and how far you need to go.

The most common type of limo reserved for weddings is one that accommodates up to six people. But stretch limousines can accommodate even more, usually up to eight.

Party bus limos, on the other hand, often accommodate as many as 20 people or more and will run a little higher in costs as well.

But if you are only making one trip per ride for each of those guests, then you are going to rent your limo for fewer hours that day and save on costs that way.

Budget Wedding Limos by the Person
When you are pricing out wedding limos, know how long you will need the car and price accordingly. A good way to determine if you are staying on budget is by calculating the overall cost by the person.

A $150 dollar limousine, for example, that only seats two will cost $75 per person in your budget.

But an SUV limousine that seats five for $150 will run you $30 per person. Find the right limo for the right party size by creating your wedding transportation budget this way.

Ride in Style
Gone are the days where riding in style on your special day is a wedding budget line that gets crossed out when the costs exceed your budget. Today, the limousine industry is a 28 billion dollar industry with a fair portion of that going to wedding limo services.

Not only that, but with the recession of the bursting real estate bubble behind us, the industry is expected to continue growing through 2024. That means, when it comes to getting the right wedding limo pricing for your budget, you have options.

This puts the power of the industry in the hands of you the consumer and keeps your money in your wallet as well. When you are looking for the right wedding limo pricing in Texas for your big day, choose the company that is consistently rated as the number one provider in the Dallas & Fort Worth area.

Lock in the best wedding limo pricing for one of the most important days of your life and text or call Heaven on Wheels today.