Showcasing 6,500 products, 18 product categories, and over 300 brands, Reward Hospitality’s new catalogue sets a new standard for the hospitality industry.


Yatala, QLD, 10 March 2020 – Having launched the 2020 catalogue to their 150 strong sales force at their recent annual conference and trade show, Reward are excited to release the highly anticipated catalogue to their customer base.

Boasting a whopping 6,500 commercial-quality products, with 1,000 brand-new products and over 600+ pages this catalogue is a must-have for food-service industry professionals.

Setting a sustainable standard in the food-service industry 

Going from strength to strength, Reward Hospitality is continuing to raise the bar and challenging the norms within the hospitality industry.

With the release of the new catalogue, it is clear that the nationwide company is striving for new heights through the adoption of over 1,000 brand-new products. Ever conscious of their carbon footprint, highly present within the new product mix are a number of new sustainable ranges. Reward are focusing on growing their eco-friendly catering and packaging ranges. This is evident by their partnership with leading sustainability brands such as BioPak and Detpak.

Leading industry trends in crockery, glassware, table dressing, and equipment are also featured within the 6,500 product strong catalogue and is showcased through a range of exclusive European brands and designs.      

If you are in the hospitality industry and are looking to diversify, stand-out and deliver exceptional customer experience, you need this catalogue. 

A part of a global movement

As part of the global E.CF Group—the European leaders in the hospitality, catering and general food-service supply—Reward Hospitality have direct access to high-quality products from around the globe.

The E.CF Group consists of 30 subsidiaries, spanning over 19 countries with an impressive 140-year history. Their unique business model has allowed them to create one of the largest distribution models in the world, which stands-alone within the hospitality industry.

Taking hospitality and foodservice to greater heights

Ever evolving, the Company has also launched a digital version of their industry-leading catalogue and developing their online platform to meet the needs of their digitally-savvy customer base.

With a strong focus on digitalisation, Reward Hospitality will continue to develop and invest in their omni-channel business model, a strategy that has been instrumental in the growth and success of the Company.

Order a copy of Reward’s new 2020 product catalogue via their website today.

About the business: Reward Hospitality is dedicated to serving the hospitality, aged care, healthcare, school & mining industries. With a national coverage, we are Australia’s leading hospitality suppliers and offer the best price and the best service.

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