Atlanta, GA, April 2, 2024— Kris Janovitz Photography is excited to announce an innovative twist to the traditional professional headshot session. Understanding the importance of showcasing one’s professional and personal life, Kris Janovitz Photography now offers clients the unique opportunity to include their pets in their Atlanta headshots sessions. This novel approach aims to blend the sleek professionalism of a traditional headshot with the authentic warmth that only a pet can bring into the frame.

After the Business, Comes the Party

Clients can expect to start their session with the traditional components of a professional headshot: perfect attire, immaculate grooming, and the formal poise that typifies professional photography. However, Kris takes it a step further by inviting clients to introduce their pets into the session. This addition brings an unparalleled level of authenticity and warmth, providing a fuller picture of the client’s personality.

Ease into the Fun with Your Furry Companion

Kris Janovitz Photography believes in capturing the essence of their clients, not just their professional exteriors. Introducing a pet into the session allows clients to transition smoothly from the formality of their professional headshots Atlanta to a more relaxed and genuine demeanor. The studio, known for its top-notch photography, remains the same, but the inclusion of a pet introduces a delightful, tail-wagging twist.

Show Off Every Side of Your Personality

This innovative service is designed for those who wish to showcase all facets of their personality. The transition from the professional best to a casual moment with a pet not only showcases a fuller picture of who the client is but also adds a personal touch that says, “I am more than my LinkedIn profile.”

Ready to Show Off All Facets of Your Personality?

For those ready to mix professional vibes with a bit of home life, Kris Janovitz Photography invites you to book a session. Capture the professional you and then let your furry, feathered, or scaled friend join in to showcase another side of your life. Because at Kris Janovitz Photography, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between your professional image and your personal passions. 

Visit to book your session with the Atlanta portrait photographer and for more information on how to bring the best of both worlds into your professional headshots.

About Kris Janovitz Photography: 

Kris Janovitz Photography is a premier photography studio specializing in professional headshots, personal branding, and now, pet-inclusive sessions. With a dedication to quality and a passion for capturing the true essence of each client, Kris Janovitz Photography is committed to providing a unique and personal photography experience.

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