Singapore, 20 August 2020 – Very few businesses offer worldwide IT and building management services. Revlight Solutions PTE LTD can help businesses with both and more.

Revlight Solutions aims to offer customers with consistent, affordable, and quality services — no matter what clients need. They only use the latest technology to meet the needs of their customers. They also offer additional services to assist their clients. This includes business consulting, project management, IT outsourcing, cabling services, service agreement, and more.

Clients can also buy different hardware solutions, such as biometric door access, CCTV cameras, marine WiFi, and Facebook WiFi.

Today, more businesses rely on technology. All business functions, from marketing to HR, require the most advanced software. If any of these technologies fail, businesses can suffer from serious downtime that can cost lots of money. This is why businesses need the most reliable managed IT services.

RevLight Solutions is a renowned managed IT service and IT outsourcing services company. Revlight Solutions is based in Singapore, which is one of the most advanced IT nations in the world. They take a modern approach to IT that they can apply to all businesses, no matter what industry.

For local Singapore businesses, a systems administrator can visit the site of the business to monitor their technology. But Revlight Solutions can also conduct remote administration services.

Overall, Revlight Solutions is an IT services company that offers many technology solutions for businesses. They aim to highlight all business needs and offer a technological solution for every business. These solutions include software, hardware, IT consulting, and network solutions. Some of their effective platforms include custom software development as well as software specific for spas and optometry companies. They also offer server solutions, data communications, appliance solutions, security solutions, and other technology sales and products.

They always stick to the best strategies and core company values. Unlike other IT companies, they focus heavily on business requirements as well as meeting their ROI.

Building and property management is one of the most complex processes. Some of the building areas that businesses need to monitor include building codes, HVAC, energy management, operation automation, and even more. Fortunately, Revlight Solutions offers ground-breaking technology to make building management easy. They use Eikon and WEBCTRL software system management to access and automate all building management functions. For example, the WEBCTRL system is a user-friendly platform that analyzes gathered data with different tools. This data may include utilities, temperature, and comfort measurement.

Businesses don’t need any third-party software with this technology. These systems also include thermographic floor plans that take your data and display it in an easy-to-read way. Businesses can also manage and customize energy use.

About the Company: Revlight Solutions is a Singapore-based technology company that aims to provide quality and professional services in a B2B market. They not only focus on providing the best technology but utilizing the skills of their team members.

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