ResumeCompass has just launched and is the most comprehensive resume platform, designed from the ground up to help job seekers create and perfect their resumes with a free resume builder and a comprehensive resume review.


Knoxville, TN, April 29, 2020 – Anyone who has searched for a job knows how difficult the process can be. You spend hours tailoring your resume to fit the job description, getting everything just right, and then you send it off. You’re perfect for this job, you think, and there’s no way they can ignore you. And then you wait. And wait. And wait.

Inevitably, the questions begin creeping in. What’s wrong with my resume? Am I not including the correct keywords? Is it properly formatted? Do I lack the appropriate experience?

In order to correct this, ResumeCompass’s free resume builder was created from the ground up with the idea of putting the power back in the hands of job seekers and other professionals, eliminating the uncertainty that job seekers face on a daily basis.

The idea for ResumeCompass started a few years ago, when the founder, Ryan Bucci, faced many of the exact same issues so many job seekers and professionals are experiencing right now.

The thing is, crafting a resume doesn’t have to be complicated. Using ResumeCompass’s step-by-step resume builder will help you build a unique resume in minutes for free, a resume that you can feel confident in, and which can help you secure interviews.

ResumeCompass has also built the most comprehensive resume review software available, which provides authentic, tailored feedback that can actually be used to improve your resume instantly.

ResumeCompass provides all the tools and guidance needed for your job search in one location. Complete with professional features, insights, and recommendations, ResumeCompass will help you empower your job search, increasing your chances of securing that next job interview.

ResumeCompass believes in creating and distributing the best features, services, tools, and insights to job seekers who are interested in elevating their careers. You should not have to spend a huge amount of time, or a fortune, to succeed in the modern work world. ResumeCompass takes pride in crafting the best services and tools at rates that are affordable for every professional.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, you can upload your resume today and receive a free detailed report on how your resume can be improved with personalized recommendations based on how your resume scores against expert-level resumes and acknowledged best practices.

About the Company: At ResumeCompass, our goal is to give job seekers and professionals the tools they need to succeed throughout their careers. We want to provide robust tools, features, professional services, and insights that actually make a difference. We don’t believe in generic recommendations, feedback, or products. We focus on providing authentic and tailored service, features, and tools that will help job seekers and professionals overcome the hurdles they’re facing.

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