Responsible Recycling Services LLC is proud to provide electronics recycling services for businesses and facilities throughout the Pennsylvania area.


Kutztown, PA, January 7, 2021 – For the first time ever, Responsible Recycling Services LLC is excited to offer commercial office clean outs.

Responsible Recycling Services LLC, a Kutztown-based recycling agency, is proud to provide electronics recycling services for businesses and facilities throughout the Pennsylvania area.

Wendy Gordon, general manager of Responsible Recycling Services LLC, explains that “we strive to make our mission benefit you. Responsible Recycling Services believes our family of large corporations, municipalities, small businesses and enthusiastic residents will lead the way in our company’s growth. Each member of our team cares about every client, every resident, and every piece of material that is recycled.”

Responsible Recycling Services LLC also provides a wide variety of hard drive destruction services and products to help improve your commercial office, which are all offered on its website at 

Gordon continues to state that it “is committed to ensuring every transaction with us will be a professional and pleasant experience. We strive to always work harder to find solutions for all your recycling needs. We promise to always be there with answers to your questions, responsible tracking of your material and a smile to complete the service.”

With so many commercial companies seeking office clean out services, it can be hard for business owners to know where to turn. That’s where Responsible Recycling Services LLC comes in. With a focus on quick clean outs and convenient customer service, Recycling Services LLC is guaranteed to give you the cleanliness and organization you need to succeed

Gordon also shares that “we stand behind our promises. Many companies say they are doing the right thing; but are they? Responsible Recycling Services will happily provide you with our internal audit which includes our list of recycling partners, refurbishers and plastic, paper and metal recovery specialists. We want you to feel confident in selecting us to recycle your electronics, paper and metal products.”

About its mission, Gordon says that Responsible Recycling Services LLC is dedicated to “professionally serving our clients, while protecting our earth’s resources and securing private information is our goal. Our team at RRS strives to make sure every service we provide goes above what our clients expect each and every time.”

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About Responsible Recycling Services LLC: Responsible Recycling Services LLC is a recycling agency that is based out of Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

Official Disclaimer: “Responsible Recycling Services LLC’s mission is to save our Earth’s valuable resources and reduce the amount of waste dumped in landfills. That’s why they have researched processes and partner companies to make recycling for residents as easy as possible.”

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Name: Wendy Gordon
Organization: Responsible Recycling Services LLC
Address: Responsible Recycling Services LLC, 805 Tomahawk Drive, Kutztown, PA 19530
Phone: 484-641-5156