Essex, ENG, 27 February 2023— Gadsby Wicks, the only specialist medical negligence law firm in Essex and East Anglia since 1993, has seen a sharp 45% increase in the number of delayed treatment claims received over the past 12 months.

This trend was first spotted in the business’s end of year report, which tracks the volume of claims and the different types of requests handled by the business in 2022. 

According to the firm, such a significant number of delayed treatment claims is unprecedented, and an increase of this nature has never been observed across their 30-year history.

“Looking beyond the figures, there could be signs of a wider pattern”, says Gadsby Wicks’ Managing Partner Gillian Gadsby, a medical negligence solicitor with over 30 years’ experience.

“While our data may reflect a small sample of medical negligence inquiries nationwide, these record numbers could be indicative of a wider trend.”

The firm says it is difficult to attribute this rise in claims to any single influence. However, the steep rise in delayed treatment inquiries may be credited to factors such as fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus had a notable impact on the NHS’s wait times and ability to respond to patients’ needs. This continues to affect patients today, as a recent report suggests that more than 7.2 million people are now on a waiting list for treatment – an all-time high for the NHS.

The recent wave of strike action in the NHS may also be adding to patient waiting times, contributing to the rise in delayed treatment claims being brought forward, says Gadsby.

“We might be seeing an influx in the number of these types of claims due to the pressures COVID had on the NHS,” explains Gadsby.

“The overall increase in wait times in recent years, combined with the current wave of strike action, could be exacerbating this issue even further.”

What is delayed treatment?

Delayed medical treatment refers to when there is a significant delay between when a patient should have received treatment and when they actually received treatment.

“For a delayed treatment claim to be brought forward successfully, a delay must be significant,” explains Gadsby. “This means that the delay resulted in a change to a patient’s condition, prognosis or treatment options.”

Prolonged waits for treatment can have an impact on a patient’s life, including loss of earnings and increased pain and suffering. In more severe cases, longer delays in treatment can alter someone’s long-term wellbeing, capabilities or overall life expectancy.

“Sharp increases in delayed treatment claims may have a very real impact on patients. To support claimants through these challenging times, our solicitors help them secure the answers and compensation they need to move forward”, says Gadsby.

Gillian Gadsby and the entire Gadsby Wicks team will continue to monitor how this trend develops in 2023, remaining committed to helping their clients seek the justice they deserve.

About Gadsby Wicks:

Every year, Gadsby Wicks Medical Solicitors helps people claim millions in compensation every year. They have been dedicated to medical negligence since 1993, and are the only specialists in this area of law throughout Essex & East Anglia.

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Beginning with an initial exploratory consultation, the solicitors investigate all available evidence and consult impartial medical experts to build a case. From here, negotiations take place to reach a fair settlement, with 96% of their cases settling out of court.

Gadsby Wicks are also the first firm in England to have two or more lawyers accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), and Managing Partner Gillian Gadsby is on the Clinical Negligence Specialist Panel for Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA).

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