The RepMove app serves to help business sales representatives better organize and work more efficiently, thus leading to greater daily productivity.


Parker, CO, February 15, 2021 – Working in the world of sales can be a very rewarding career. The more clients one gets, the more successful the salesperson will be. However, it can be a daunting task to stay organized and keep all affairs in order.

Very soon, the RepMove app will be hitting the market, changing the lives of sales representatives forever! The mobile sales app serves to help sales representatives organize their clients in an efficient manner.

Users can create contacts or accounts to keep their clients in order. You can also add helpful information such as notes, tasks, and even contact information to ensure that you remember all the crucial details about a certain client.

There is also a task management section so you do not have to worry about forgetting important affairs. Clients can add a certain date and time for tasks, and can even search tasks by searching with keywords! 

“I think our app can really help business reps be as productive as possible!” the CEO of RepMove boasted. 

The RepMove app also serves as a route optimization app so that users can cut down on unnecessary logistics. Users can plan their sales route using Google or Apple Maps.

The RepMove app offers three different packages. The basic package is free, and provides you with what you need to be successful. However, users can advance to the advanced or premium packages to enjoy more perks and have more access to helpful tools. One of the most unique features include in the premium package is the motivational quotes section. Everyday users can stay inspired with a quote that pushes them further in their journey.

The website for this account manager app is just as helpful and easy to use as the app itself. Users can utilize the pricing section to see just exactly what features are associated with what packages. This allows users to choose the perfect package for their business needs. 

Users can also check out the frequently asked questions page to have some of their questions answered, because chances are that someone else also has the same question. If you cannot find your question here, you can contact the RepMove team and they will get back to you in no time!

“We like to pride ourselves on our excellent communication with clients!” said a representative from RepMove. There is also a blog where users can read and learn more about the sales industry. This can be especially useful for aspiring salespeople. 

The RepMove app will soon be available FREE on both the App Store and the Android Market Place! For more information, visit today!

About RepMove: RepMove is a business sales application to organize sales contacts and optimize route planning each day. The app is available free on the App Store and Android Market Place and users can choose from three different pricing packages.

Contact Information:

Monica Cloud
RepMove, 13009 S Parker Rd
(720) 588 3386