Rep The Wild: the site that offers research-based camping & outdoor gear reviews to tackle your next adventure, has published their ultimate guide to hiking for beginners to celebrate the National Take a Hike Day.


Yorba Linda, CA, November 10, 2021 – Hiking is one of the best ways to explore the outdoors, go on an adventure, and connect with your nature. And it’s a great way to get fit while enjoying the beauty that the environment has to offer. And since the 17th we celebrate the “National Take a Hike Day” at Rep The Wild: the online outdoor gear review site for campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts, you’ll be able to find the 101 guide for hiking in the wild.

So, first, we’ll begin with, why hike? RTW responses:
One of the main benefits of hiking is weight loss. The amount of calories burned depends on body weight, the weight of gear you’re carrying, trail difficulty, and time, and with the help of apps such as All Trails and OmniCalculator, you’ll be able to choose your ideal hiking site according to the estimated amount of calories you’ll want to burn. Hiking has also been found to reduce more stress levels instead of walking around densely populated urban areas, which means, in short, hiking is nature’s therapy. And last but not least, compared to many other sports, in the beginning -when gaining practice- you wouldn’t need much gear, so it makes hiking cheaper compared to other sports in where you’ll need to invest more before you even find out if you like it enough to practice it.

Another cool thing about hiking is that according to the National Park Service website there are 6 different types of trails from where you can choose: depending on your abilities, the equipment that you have, and the environment that surrounds you. Whether it is a foot trail in an urban area, a nature trail in a public national park, or a bikeway if you already have a mountain bike, you’ll find multiple options to choose from.

And if you’re not into solo sports, don’t worry, there are many hiking clubs where you’ll get to meet new friends, learn from more experienced hikers, and get helpful tips and insight on hiking and camping gear. Some of the best ways to connect with other hiking enthusiasts are through googling: “hiking events near me”, subscribing to some Facebook hikers groups, or searching for other like-minded individuals on “Meetup” or “Hiking Project, in where you could browse the clubs by state and start researching the clubs nearest to you.

Don’t forget it’s easy to get lost in the wilderness, so it is best if you have a map with your phone just in case. Maps are also very convenient because they provide information about how far away each spot may be and what kind of terrain will need navigating through before reaching one’s destination. As well, don’t forget to tell someone where you’re going, what time and who with. If for some reason something goes wrong during your hike they’ll be able to find you help.

For more information on hiking, visit, check out their ultimate guide to hiking for beginners and find out more tips about this and other wild sports.

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