Renew the Earth seeks to resurrect the world economy with Energy Currency, a non-inflationary currency that parallels existing currency and is used for food and shelter.


Albany, New York, April 28, 2020 – Renew the Earth has created Energy Currency, as a way to pay for food and shelter world wide. Renew the Earth, a New York-based non-profit organization, has developed a calculation that could change banking as we know it. Called the Human Renewable Energy Measure, or HREM, it’s meant to be used as a standard of value for the Energy Currency which would complement but not replace traditional forms of currency.

As Susan Caumont, president of Renew the Earth, says, “I feel honored and humbled by this custodial responsibility; and excited about this opportunity. I hope to lead RTE into new projects while continuing to pursue the successful activities of the past on which RTE’s reputation is firmly built.” Caumont continues, “the excellent people who have agreed to join me on our board are all hard-working and sincere individuals with histories of lifetime commitment to activities that promote the well-being of our global humanity and the health of our Earth.”

Renew the Earth knows how important it is to keep the world economy running. That’s why they’ve created Energy Currency, which is meant to be used to pay for human survival needs; food and shelter and social necessities like health-care, education, and infrastructure.

Caumont explains, “we believe that renewable and sustainable energies are a deeply humanitarian issue. The HREM, Human Renewable Energy Measure, was conceived in the course of thinking through the impact of energy on our economic systems.” “Nine years ago, Jeff Beller and I imagined into life the concept of a measure for the value of human work effort within economics. This is, we feel, an essential measurement, a primary color, a starting point, that is missing in economic systems and is the measure that would create humane economics, states Caumont.

Here’s how it works: Using the HREM as a standard of value, Energy Currency circulates within the traditional structures of the Marketplace paying for survival needs. When it gets to the bank it is destroyed so that it cannot be reinvested and create inflation. Similar, in this way, to the Greenback dollar. Energy Currency has been created to help people escape from poverty and economic inequality, no matter what they face.

Caumont says it best – “RTE is proud to be the Home of the HREM…This is a concept in its infancy but growing fast. It is an open-source idea and we welcome your input.” It belongs to everyone.

Are you interested in learning more about Renew the Earth? Or would you like to help Energy Currency become a global reality? please feel free to check out their website at or contact: [email protected]

About Renew the Earth: Renew the Earth has been working since 1970 to educate the public about renewable energies and sustainable practices. Over the past nine years, our focus has shifted to the HREM calculation and Energy Currency. We feel general acceptance of renewables has been reached and the present roadblock is how economic systems function for-profit and not best practices. “Time is not money, time is life.” Jeff Beller, economist and VP of

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