With 8 years of experience and shipping to 20 countries around the world: Shenzhen Minray Products Ltd, provides high-quality leather bags and custom fabric bags.


Guangdong, China, 7 September 2021–  The company that was established in 2014 in China and has been shipped to more than 20 countries around the world: Shenzhen Minray Products Ltd, provides high-quality bags and carefree global services as a luxury leather bag manufacturer.

This leather bag manufacturer that provides top-quality customizing bags works under the mission of providing a one-stop bags supply platform for small and medium business customers, they’ve obtained customer approval, relying on strong technical and processing capacity, fast service, and goodhearted management ideas.

What do they offer?

  1. In-stock leather bags: Minray offers wholesale leather bags with the highest quality bags and hottest fashions for women and men. Diversity in designs, simplicity in buying, variety in colors, quality in manufacturing, all in-stock, inexpensive and 10pcs MOQ are what Minray bags wholesale stands.
  2. As a luxury leather goods manufacturer, they also make: Handmade leather and vegan leather production. Whether they are luxury designer products or private label items, their beautiful hand-made products and low minimum quantities are the perfect blend of quality, excellent workmanship, stylish appearance, and comfortable carrying. 
  3. Custom fabric bags: You only have an idea in mind and need to develop and manufacture? Minray has your back! Define your own style and express it through your bag. Trust their backpacks and bags customization since they have 8 masters who have at least 25 years of experience to help you out.

Their key offered products are backpacks, handbags, travel bags, duffel bags, cooler bags, tote bags, cosmetic bags, tool bags, promotion bags, solar bags and bag’s customization, RPET travel bags. But as a one-stop bag manufacturer, they OEM/ODM all kinds of bags made of fabrics or leathers. Whether your budget is limited or wants to set up a no-stock online shop, they offer up-to-date & hot sale leather bags for you with only 20 pieces per color. And if you want to create a private label leather bag on 50 or100 pieces: they can make your brand logo on the bag! Expect a top trustworthy leather bag drop shipper & wholesaler.

With a 3T service model, they have committed to work under a fast response, with all their inquiries replied to within 8 hours, and take small orders to meet the needs of small and medium business customers.

Their leading quality of service promotes that the general manager is personally responsible for marketing to ensure the quality of service since service has always been Minray people’s principle. And last but not least, with their competitive costs, they only charge reasonable fees and give competitive prices to our clients.

Another great asset to Minray is its unique production of solar backpacks. Their SUNDEI solar charging backpack is an amazing mix of quality and style, it also can charge numerous devices, such as iPhones, iPods, smart devices, PDA, and other mobile phones. Don’t worry anymore while traveling about finding yourself in areas where electricity is not available. Their solar backpack becomes a convenient source of energy since it allows you to use the power of the sun while traveling around. Being a perfect blend of quality, excellent workmanship, stylish appearance, and comfortable carrying.

So whether you’re ready to order your dreamed bag or start your luxury private label, visit https://www.isundei.com/leather-bags-manufacturer/ and find out more about their top-quality products. 

Contact Info:

Name: Andy Zuo
Organization: Minray Products
Address: 4th and 5th floors, Building C, Xuquan Industrial Zone, 154 Guanping Road, Guanlan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. 
Phone: +86 13925259236
Mail: [email protected]
Website: https://www.isundei.com/leather-bags-manufacturer/