Regency International Planet is all about life-changing experiences as the participants gain valuable confidence, poise, and grace in an increasingly competitive world. The competitions don’t just focus on beauty, but it also allows each woman and young girl the opportunity to grow and advance their personal and career goals, while acting as role models in their community.


Cypress, TX, March 4, 2022— The site Pageant Planet compiles a list of the best pageants from the previous year based on their Best in Pageantry Awards, helping thousands of people among the Pageant world find their ideal Pageant. This year, Regency International Pageant was Voted top 10 International Pageants of 2021.

Regency International Pageant is an innovative organization that is helping to change the world for today’s women. The competitions don’t just focus on beauty. Still, it also allows each woman and young girl the opportunity to grow and advance their personal and career goals while acting as role models in their community.

The pageant was created in 2013 by the Dingle Productions President Terri Dingle and CEO Jay Dingle, CPA, to celebrate beauty, culture, and style. After having an incredibly successful inaugural year, the Regency International Pageant is now on track to rival the oldest and most prestigious international pageants in existence today.

Among the Pageant Divisions, you’ll be able to find:

  1. Four competition divisions for the Tiny, Petite, Jr. Miss, and Little Miss.
  2. Five competition divisions for the Jr Teen, Teen, Miss, Ms, and Mrs.
  3. One classic division for women ages 45 and up.
  4.  One new Ms Curve division – for women age 19 and up. 

So as you can see, Regency International Pageant offers Beauty Pageants for all categories, sizes and ages!

The Regency International system has many of the same competitions as other pageant systems. Still, their contests have been updated to reflect today’s International woman’s modern style and elegance. That’s why each contestant has to compete in Four different and obligatory categories such as Fashion Wear, Interview, Photogenic and Evening Wear. They also have their RIO Optional contests where contestants are provided with more opportunities to showcase their individual interests, gain confidence, and be recognized for their talents. Each one represents an extra opportunity for them to be crowned. Among their categories, they’ll find contests on a costume that showcases their region, portfolio showcase for the Photogenic Competition, Everyday Wear, Spokespesmodel, Talent and Swimsuit.

How will contestants be judged? The balances on each competition are: Personal Interview 25% of Score, Photogenic 25% of Score, Evening Gown 25% of Score and Fashion Wear 25% of Score. The judges will be looking for an all-around winner. She may not be the most outstanding in any particular category, but she will score highly in all categories, and their judging will be based on poise, personality, intelligence, physical fitness and beauty. So if you’re looking to Register For Your Pageant, visit their site and use their registration form to sign up for the next Pageant you choose to enter.

For more information about the pageant that celebrates the contemporary world’s beauty, culture, and style, visit Because at Regency International Pageant look forward to seeing you at the next Regency Pageant!

Contact Info:

Name: Terri Dingle
Organization: Regency International Pageant
Address: Regency International Pageant 13015 Golden Rainbow Dr Cypress, TX 77429 United States
Phone: 832-722-4872