Gravotonic Yoga undergoes new ownership after 17 years in business. This means you can expect a new website for the company. Gravotonics produces only the highest quality products, including aerial yoga swings, hammocks, and accessories. Learn more at


Victoria, AU, 29 October 2020- Gravotonics Yoga undergoes new ownership after 17 years in business. Visit Gravotonics brand new website. 

Since 2003, Gravotonics Yoga has produced only high-quality handmade products in Bali. Gravotonics Yoga swings are made of the finest 100% nylon parachute fabric and use high tensile 6mm stainless steel hooks and triple stitching throughout.

They are going to continue that hard work under new ownership.

“The innovators behind the Gravotonics Yoga Trapeze came together with one goal: to create a versatile yoga product based on the basic aerial hammock that allows users to safely and effectively perform aerial yoga and achieve almost ANY asana imaginable!” says a Gravotonics Yoga spokesperson. “Their efforts paid off. The result is a beautifully crafted, multi-purpose yoga trapeze that allows you to effortlessly stretch and strengthen your body and leverage your natural body-weight as traction.”

Gravotonics Yoga manufactures and supplies aerial yoga swings and accessories to customers around the world, including high-profile studios, fitness brands, health-conscious people, and experienced yogis.

“The Gravotonics Yoga Swing is the original & best yoga trapeze for Aerial Yoga, Suspension Training & Inversion Therapy,” says a spokesperson for Gravotonics Yoga. “With versatility at the heart of its unique design, the yoga trapeze offers you the ability to stretch & strengthen.”

From seasoned professionals to those just beginning their practice, the yoga swing can help everyone. You will find that they are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

There are several benefits to using the original Gravotonics Yoga swing. You can expect that it will help you to improve body awareness and alignment, release stress and tension, relieve pain, and support rehabilitation programs. The benefits also extend to helping you build strength and flexibility and deepen your yoga practice.

“Gravotonics is committed to supplying the best yoga trapeze possible, and in all our years of production, we have never had a yoga swing returned,” says a Gravotonics Yoga spokesperson. “In fact, we’re so confident you’ll love it, we’ve thrown in a 5-year guarantee.”

The warranty is good for quality and workmanship defects. You will receive a refund or a replacement if you have any issues with the product. 

Check out their new website for more information. Learn more at

About Gravotonics Yoga: In a sea of mass-produced yoga swings, Gravotonics strives to stand out. In 2003, we became the world’s original purveyor of handmade aerial yoga trapezes and aerial hammocks. Since then, we have kept our standards high and our commitment to quality intact. All Gravotonics Yoga Swings are handmade locally in our family-run workshop based in Bali, Indonesia. Our dedicated, skilled team of professionals has been with us since the beginning.

Contact Information:

Name: Paul Jenkin
Organization: Gravotonics Yoga
Address: PO BOX 1740, Preston South 3072, Victoria, Australia
Phone: 1-866-964-2794
Email: [email protected]