The cutting-edge recruitment software is changing how recruiters find talent for open roles, making it easy and faster. On the other hand, job seekers can organize their CV and tailor it to match the job requirements, get feedback and stay up to date with interview schedules and progress. Learn more about the applicant tracking system here.


Norwood, NJ, January 30, 2022 – The recruitment process is challenging for most human resource managers and recruitment agencies. They have to craft a detailed job advert, send it to several job boards, receive hundreds of applications, and sort list them to find the right candidate for the job. Recruit CRM’s applicant tracking system is a ground-breaking development that simplifies the recruiters’ work, making the hiring process fast and worthwhile.

An applicant tracking system works in several ways to make the recruitment process straightforward and fruitful. It imitates the recruiter’s mind by scanning for keywords in the applications. For instance, if a job posting wanted an experienced software engineer, the ATS will pick the applications with the “experienced software engineer” job title and leave the rest. This makes sorting out easier and reduces time wastage on irrelevant resumes.

The resume parsing feature pulls out essential details from the candidate’s CV and highlights them for the recruiter to note. The recruiter can also make the selected candidates favorites or hotlist them to make it easier to shortlist for interviews.

“The applicant tracking systems have an inbuilt resume parsing features that pull-out information from a candidate’s CV and lay it out for recruiters to take note of. Several ATSs allow you to hotlist the favorite candidates’ CVs and write short notes, making your hiring easier than ever, “explained Eli Franklin, Marketing Specialist at Recruit CRM.

Both recruiters and job seekers have a lot to gain from an applicant tracking system. For recruiters, their hiring process will be faster and less overwhelming. A recruiter can customize the system by inputting the keywords they are looking for in a resume. The ATS algorithm will eliminate all resumes that don’t meet the requirements, thus shortening the list of probable candidates.

Other benefits that recruiters enjoy include the creation of detailed job adverts, automatic distribution of adverts to job boards, and the ability to reach out to several candidates at a go through bulk email. ATS-ensures recruitments are faster, have a better cost per hire, and have lower bounce rates.

An ATS makes job-hunting easier and more transparent for a job seeker. They can get feedback, track interview schedules, and have an overall professional experience with a recruiter. For most job seekers, it’s frustrating to send out job applications with no feedback. With an applicant tracking system, the recruiter can customize the system to send feedback regardless of whether the application was successful or not.

About Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM is an all-in-one recruitment software that helps human resource departments and recruiting agencies get suitable candidates for job openings. Recruit CRM combines an applicant tracking system, customer relationship management (CRM), email integration, and candidate sourcing to make the recruitment process fast and worthwhile. The software allows recruiters to source candidates on LinkedIn and other job boards, send emails, sort CVs, shortlist candidates, schedule interviews, and provide clients feedback.

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