United States, May 19, 2023— In 2023, one of the hot topics in the corporate world is undoubtedly the idea of ​​returning to the office for the majority of the work week. Affecting both companies and employees, returning to the office can quickly become a sensitive subject. While some companies seek to impose a full return by wishing to promote greater productivity, others deliver the same argument by choosing a hybrid or remote formula instead.

The decision to return to in-person office work is influenced by factors like corporate culture, collaboration, organization, and task nature. Some companies lacking technological adaptation may lack confidence in remote work. However, not all employees are keen on returning to the office as they have found better work-family balance at home. Challenges include managing work-family dynamics, increased commuting time, and potential health risks. It is crucial for companies to consider employees’ needs and preferences. A hybrid or fully remote model can strike a suitable balance between company requirements and employee well-being.

As co-founders of Bofu Agence Marketing, an online marketing agency, we believe in the importance of relearning how to organize work. By taking advantage of technological advances, it is now easier to maximize work-family balance. The objective is thus to promote the well-being of employees, while creating a strong organizational culture.

In this sense, we are proud to announce that Bofu Agence Marketing is newly certified by CONCILIVI. This recognition reinforces our commitment to our team and our understanding of their work-family priorities in 2023. We believe that work should be part of our lives, not the other way around. By offering flexible working options and adapted technological tools, we allow our employees to find the right balance between their professional and personal life.

We have therefore implemented several work-family balance measures, identifying four essential pillars to support our employees in their quest for a good harmony between work and personal life. In addition to the possibility of working 100% remotely, we offer our employees a flexible schedule to meet their personal and family needs. We have also implemented digital tools to facilitate the management of tasks and projects and improve communication. This ensures perfect collaboration within the team, even from a distance! Support to facilitate family logistics, leave for family responsibilities, fragmented personal days, employee assistance program, telemedicine as well as various tailor-made benefits (thanks to the Tedy technology platform) are also offered to our employees. In addition, we meet the needs of our team with paid training, flexible hours, right to disconnect and adapted career path.

“We’re proud of the commitment we have to all of the amazing people on our team to provide them with a work environment that supports work-life balance. Our priority is the well-being of the members of our organization in order to provide the best service and the best results.”

  • Marc-Antoine Rioux, Co-Founder

At Bofu digital marketing agency, we believe that these measures are essential in order to create a healthy, positive and balanced work environment for the happiness of our employees. Ultimately, it’s about prioritizing a human-centric approach, recognizing that employee well-being is paramount to ensuring long-term business success. We hope to inspire other companies to follow this path: invest in the well-being and success of their employees in order to ensure the sustainability of the company.

Aware that work-family balance is an important issue, we are therefore very proud to be a CONCILIVI certified employer, highlighting our commitment to the quality of life of our employees.

However, we don’t want to stop there! Our next challenge will therefore be to go even further in our internal and external commitment. We are also considering the possibility of obtaining B Corp certification, attesting to our commitment to the environment, society and governance. This would be a great recognition encouraging us to continue our actions for a positive impact on our employees, our customers, the environment, as well as the community. 

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Marc-Antoine Rioux

Bofu Agence Marketing