SnowDayFinder has just launched as a new online tool to help forecast local extreme weather conditions. It’s weather predictions work to calculate the possibility of school closings and delays in the area. 

Portland, ME, United States – New online search tool is helping many users calculate the possibility of local school cancellations and delays. The search feature works by predicting the chance of snow for the next three days.  It allows users to search by postal code or city name to get the best results for their area.

The results are derived from the most well-trusted source, Accuweather. SnowDayFinder offers timely updates every hour for the best possible accuracy. It gives you a percentage of the chance of snow your area will receive, with a school closing prediction.  

Users also have access to expected daytime and nighttime snow calculations. These metrics show anticipated hours of snow and snow value per inches. These same details are also available for expected rain and ice conditions. 

Lara, the contact for SnowDayFinder, says, “We feel this tool is helpful for residents of the top U.S. cities that receive a significant amount of snowfall. As those who live in northern states are subject to unpredictable winter weather patterns that often impact work and school. Knowing the likelihood of school closings helps them to stay in the know and feel better prepared.” 

SnowDayFinder can help parents better predict the chance of school closings and delays. This way, they can arrange daycare or sitter services if needed. It also allows them to alert their work should they need to take time off or come in an hour or two later.  

This tool gives families more time to prepare for large amounts of snowfall from winter storms. They have more time to run to the grocery store or stock up on de-icer. Parents even have extra time to arrange for a snowplow service if needed. These extreme winter weather conditions also call for families to stock their emergency kits and supplies. 

Accuweather’s worldwide weather sources have been used by billions of people since their launch in 1962. Consumers, large companies, and government organizations rely on their weather reports for planning ahead and taking safety measures. Their trusted weather reporting services help make SnowDayFinder one of the most accurate online tools for predicting closures based on the weather patterns. 

SnowDayFinder users are still advised to check with their school district to officially confirm any closings or delays. Despite its accuracy, the service is not intended to replace any notices from school officials. 

About SnowDayFinder: SnowDayFinder is a new online search tool that offers hour-by-hour weather predictions. It works to show the possibility of school closings and delays in your area. These results are delivered based on zip code or city search terms. SnowDayFinder was created to help parents stay better prepared during extreme weather conditions. 

Contact Info:

Name: Lara

Organization: SnowDayFinder

Phone: 207-759-3939