Managed IT Services Company IT Gurus has repositioned and rebranded to align with their strategic direction of driving client business success with the right tools and technology.


Glendale, CA, August 17, 2022— IT Gurus recently updated its branding and website to align with their business strategy and showcase the solutions they have been providing to the market.

Their new branding, logo and website has uplifted their online profile, elevated their brand, and is communicating their tailored solutions to their potential and current clients. Their name and great customer experience that they are known for remain unchanged.

The new and improved IT Gurus website communicates their customer-focused solutions and includes the latest IT trends and demonstrates how technology can benefit companies.

Their partnership with key industry leaders Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Microsoft, Red Hat, SolarWinds, SonicWall, VMware, and Supermicro strengthens their offering and allows them to offer robust solutions.

IT Gurus was founded in 2000 from a passion of resolving IT environment issues and then streamlining work settings to ensure things functioned efficiently and effectively. Over the 22 years in business, this managed service provider has helped many clients succeed in their industry by streamlining their IT and workflows.

Chief Executive Officer Ohannis Dikramanjian said, “I’m excited about our aligned direction, rebrand and new website. We are continuing to see clients succeed in their industries through the work we are doing to streamline their IT ecosystems and workflows. Our new website showcases to potential clients the great work we have been doing and how we can help them going forward.”

About IT Gurus:

IT Gurus is an IT managed service provider delivering leading-edge solutions for business growth and success. Founded in 2000, IT Gurus is well known for its explicit systems, user experience, and punctuality.

Delivering tailored managed IT services, cybersecurity consulting, Microsoft, and HIPAA solutions to clients in California and beyond.

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