Rebel Weddings proudly announces its very own downtown Las Vegas Wedding Chapel that encapsulates the spirit of rebellion and individuality. The company is Known for its all-inclusive packages and dedication to creating unforgettable experiences, empowering couples to ditch tradition and celebrate their love on their terms.


Las Vegas, NV, February 5, 2024— Love takes center stage in the heart of Las Vegas as Rebel Weddings announces its downtown wedding chapel brimming with Elegance and charm. This stunning chapel is part of Rebel Weddings’ commitment to providing couples with a wedding experience that breaks away from tradition, allowing them to celebrate their love authentically.

Getting married is a momentous occasion, and what better way to celebrate love than by tying the knot in the vibrant city of Las Vegas? Rebel Weddings understands the significance of this special day and strives to provide couples with a stress-free and memorable wedding experience. Rebel Weddings’ all-inclusive package ensures that every detail is carefully attended to, from the delightful music and experienced minister to the stunning photos, video coverage, beautiful flowers, and even a downtown photo tour. The Downtown Las Vegas wedding chapel captures the essence of a classic, old-school Vegas wedding, offering couples an authentic and romantic atmosphere.

“We’re thrilled to call this iconic downtown chapel our home,” says Dan Vallance, The Visionary Behind Rebel Weddings. “It’s the perfect embodiment of our company’s spirit – bold, unexpected, and full of character. We’re excited to offer couples a unique alternative to traditional chapels, where they can truly personalize their wedding day and create lasting memories.”

In addition to the downtown Wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Rebel Weddings also provides other incredible wedding venues such as The Lexi Chapel, Mt Charleston, Fabulous Las Vegas Sign, Nelson Ghost Town, and Desert Weddings. With options to suit every couple’s preferences, Rebel Weddings aims to make dreams come true.

Rebel Weddings offers all-inclusive packages that cater to various budgets, starting at just $295. These packages include key components such as wedding music, a minister, photos and videos, flowers, and a downtown photo tour. For couples looking to enhance their experience, Rebel Weddings also offers a range of add-on features at an affordable fee, including a limo ride, party bus, hair and makeup services, extended time, a champagne toast, and a delicious wedding cake.

“At Rebel Weddings, we are committed to empowering couples to break away from conventional norms and design their dream wedding on their terms,” notes Vallance. “That’s why we give you the freedom to personalize every detail, from the music to the vows. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your day is as unique and unforgettable as your love.”

Rebel Weddings redefines wedding planning by allowing couples to handpick every aspect of their special day, from the Las Vegas Wedding Chapels that speak to their personalities to the carefully selected flowers that capture their vision. By allowing couples to choose their minister and photographer, Rebel Weddings guarantees that the most important moments and memories are tailored to their individual style and beliefs.

So, ditch traditions and embrace your individuality. With Rebel Weddings, your Vegas love story starts now.

About Rebel Weddings:

Rebel Weddings is a Las Vegas-based wedding planning service that empowers couples to break away from conventional norms and design their dream wedding on their terms. With various unique venues and all-inclusive packages, Rebel Weddings offers couples the freedom to personalize every detail of their special day. From intimate elopements to vibrant celebrations, Rebel Weddings helps couples create unforgettable memories that reflect their unique love story.

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Organization: Rebel Weddings

Contact Person: Daniel Vallance

Phone Number: (702) 703 7307

Address: 919 E Bonneville Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101