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If you are a gamer but don’t want the restrictions of having a desktop computer, a gaming laptop may be for you. Gaming Laptops are specifically designed with the gamer in mind. They come equipped with high-end graphic cards often not seen in your standard laptop. They also have specialized cooling systems and high-speed fans to increase performance. With speed and fluidity as their main concerns, companies use processors that are very fast and contain a myriad of other improvements and accessories designed for speed and efficiency. Gaming Laptops are generally more expensive than regular laptops and have a shorter battery life because of their tailored high performance. Because of their increased performance and unique features, these laptops have become popular with some non-gaming people. People chose to use a gaming laptop for many reasons; below are some features that the users at took into consideration when deciding on a gaming laptop.

High-Speed Performance:
Gaming Laptops are made with great processors, lots of additional and expandable memory, and are specially calibrated to run games fast and cleanly.

Higher Quality Parts (Rugged):
Gaming Laptops are made far stronger and more durable than regular laptops due to the constant use and variety of needs that gamers require.

Longer Lasting Purchase (Versatility):
With their rugged design and ability to upgrade, although you are spending more for a gaming laptop initially, your investment will last far longer and not become “out-of-date” so quickly.

Port and Connectivity:
With rapid fast WiFi and hardware designed to connect multiple screens, keyboards, or controls, these laptops having amazing connectivity.

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Alienware New M15 Gaming Laptop

If you are familiar at all with the world of gaming laptops, then you have heard of Alienware. This Dell subsidiary was founded in 1996 and works exclusively in the gaming hardware realm. Alienware’s M15 design is sleek and modern. With the massive cooling system set behind the keyboard and screen, it has still somehow managed to maintain a smooth and compact appearance. Alienware’s performance has always been off the charts, and this computer is no different, hosting the 9th generation Intel Core i7. The M15 utilizes hyper-efficient voltage regulation to promote the best possible PC experience.

The innovative cooling system has dual-intake and exhaust, so you’ll never have to worry about your computer overheating after long periods of high-performance play. The fire-resistant, high-voltage fan driver uses crystal polymer fan blades and a 3-phase fan control to create less friction. The Alienware M15 is everything you would expect from a company that specializes in making gaming PCs forever 20 years

Alienware New M15 Gaming Laptop

Alienware New M15

Based on 1,347 Real Reviews 4.4/5 Overall Satisfaction 1,347 Real Reviews 96% Price 1,347 Real Reviews 96% Performance 1,347 Real Reviews 95% Battery Life 1,347 Real Reviews 96% Would I Recommend It 1,347Real Reviews 98%

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ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop

ASUS has been working with TUF Gaming for some time to create these series of laptops. The newest design does not disappoint, with an incredibly reasonable price tag of $1000. The TUF505 comes with an IPS-NanoEdge Display, providing extreme immersion though a much more compact and thinner bezel. Regardless of your viewing position, it offers high-quality output and display. With their NVIDIA GeForce Experience, you can have the best graphics on the market without destroying your bank account.

Boasting an AMD Ryzen processor and GTX Graphics, there is no reason the ASUS TUF this laptop wouldn’t impress even the most ardent gamer. It is extra durable with a sturdy RGB backlit keyboard, dual fans, and anti-dust technology. The durability and toughness ensure that the ASUS TUF505 will last you for a long time, even if it is taking a pounding from hours and hours of gaming time.

ASUS TUF (2019) Gaming Laptop


Based on 1,158 Real Reviews 4.7/5 Overall Satisfaction 1,158 Real Reviews 96% Price 1,158 Real Reviews 95% Performance 1,158 Real Reviews 96% Battery Life 1,158 Real Reviews 94% Would I Recommend It 1,158 Real Reviews 96%

Omen by HP 2019 15-Inch Gaming Laptop

The Omen by HP is a powerhouse laptop. It is very rugged and designed to look as such.  It contains all the standard features that you would find in a high-end gaming laptop.  Because it’s built by Hewitt Packard you know that you are getting a quality design. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX Series graphics card and Intel Core Processor keep your visuals and load times smooth and effective.

The Omen is a large laptop, designed for easy upgrading and expansion. With easy single panel access to HDD, SSD, and RAM, you can always keep your laptop in the best possible hardware condition, allowing you to keep it tlonger. With the OMEN Command Center, you can control overclocking and prioritize gaming traffic to minimize latency. From Fortnite to Grand Theft Auto V, you’ll be more than pleased with the performance of this gaming laptop.

Omen by HP 2019 15-Inch

Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop

Traditionally, gaming laptops are bulky. This increased size is due in part to the need for high performance parts and the larger cooling systems required to run the computer effecently. The Razer Blade is looking to break that mold. With a remarkably thin CNC aluminum body (0.70” thin,) this laptop feels more like a Macbook Air than a high-performance gaming system. It’s secret is with the revolutionary Large Vapor Chamber cooling system. Even though the Razer is ultra-small and portable, you are not giving up anything on the performance end.

The Raze Blade 15 contains a full HD and thin bezel on-action screen for the best possible display. Conncect up to 3 external displays with Thunderbolt 3 (A single cable that provides four times the data and twice the video bandwidth of any other cable, while also supplying up to 100W of power.). Most laptops that contain these configurations are over double the size, but the Razer Blade is looking to change the face of gaming laptops with this powerful and sleek design.

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