Nutrient-Dense Plant-Based Protein Bars Poised to Disrupt Category With Superior Protein Source


Tucson, Arizona, May 8, 2020 – Today, RBar Energy Inc. launches a new protein bar line to add to its collection of high-quality nutrition bars. These new protein bars use a unique and new plant-based protein source: Almond Protein Powder.  To date, major food brands have limited customer protein choices to primarily whey, soy, pea, egg, and hemp proteins.  The RBar Protein line using Almond Protein Powder fills a need for people seeking 10+ grams of plant-based protein in a bar without compromising taste or texture.

“We’ve been making maximum flavor, minimal ingredient energy bars for nearly 10 years,” says Brian Cornelius, Founder, and CEO of RBar Energy. “Starting with the 150,000 bars I hand-pressed over our first three years to now: RBar is always focused on being the leader in quality and simplicity instead of a follower of the latest diet fads. Today, we’re excited to launch our new line of protein bars that continue to embody our brand values: Trust, Simplicity & Pursuit.”

Consumers rank Almond Protein as their first choice in taste, nutrition, and quality when compared to pea, soy, and whey protein1.  In addition, Almond Protein Powder naturally contains the ideal 2:1:1 Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine to support lean muscle mass2.  These key attributes stay true to RBar Energy’s origin story of when Brian was a competitive road racing cyclist. 

The new protein bar line is available in five bold flavors: Açaí, Pomegranate, Coconut, Matcha Orange, and Honey Nut (which uses peanut protein powder).  RBar is launching with these flavors because 44% of consumers between the ages of 35-44 state that having options with exotic flavors are important to them.3 Real fruit powders, healthy fats, and naturally sweet honey are balanced by the smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture of RBar’s plant-based protein sources. 

RBar Energy has two main promotions currently available.  Through a partnership with VerifyPass, Medical professionals and First Responders can receive exclusive healthcare discounts on all RBar Energy products directly on  Secondly, for each box of RBars sold during the month of May, RBar Energy will plant a tree with One Tree Planted in wildfire burn areas in the United States.

The full RBar Protein and RBar Energy line-up are available online and to retailers nationwide.  To learn more, visit 

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About RBar Energy Inc.: 

RBar Energy started in 2010 as a homemade solution for on the go nutrition as founder Brian Cornelius worked his way up the professional cycling ranks. RBar Energy bars quickly became sought after by endurance athletes and cyclists. The audience and love for RBar Energy have grown over the years as parents, students, and working adults quickly adopted this alternative healthy snack to help them feed their pursuits.

RBar Energy believes in helping you achieve more with less. That’s why every product RBar Energy offers delivers more nutrition with fewer ingredients. More flavor without artificial additives. More convenience without sacrificing your health goals. No matter what you’re pursuing, RBar Energy can help because RBar is JUST GOOD FOOD.

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