With a brand new remodeling and expanded services, RAREV Medical Spa is ready to welcome their clients back.


Las Vegas, NV, July 21, 2023 — RAREV Medical Spa, a leading destination for rejuvenation and wellness in Las Vegas, is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated reopening after the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a brand new remodeling and expanded services, RAREV Medical Spa is ready to welcome clients back to indulge in the ultimate facial experience, alongside renowned treatments such as Restylane Las Vegas and laser hair removal Las Vegas.

The past year has been incredibly difficult for individuals worldwide, as the pandemic forced many businesses to temporarily close their doors. However, RAREV Medical Spa took this opportunity to not only ensure the safety of its clients and staff but also to elevate the overall spa experience. The recent remodeling efforts have transformed the spa into a haven of tranquility and luxury, offering an inviting and relaxing ambiance for clients to unwind and pamper themselves.

At RAREV Medical Spa, clients can now experience the best facial Las Vegas has to offer, administered by skilled and experienced aestheticians. The spa takes pride in offering a range of facial treatments tailored to address various skin concerns and achieve optimal results. From revitalizing and hydrating facials to specialized treatments targeting acne or signs of aging, RAREV Medical Spa ensures each client receives personalized care that enhances their natural beauty and leaves them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

In addition to their exceptional facial Las Vegas offerings, RAREV Medical Spa is renowned for its Restylane treatments. Restylane is a trusted and highly effective dermal filler that helps to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, restore volume, and enhance facial contours. With the expertise of the spa’s skilled practitioners, clients can achieve natural-looking results that leave them looking and feeling their best.

Furthermore, RAREV Medical Spa takes pride in its state-of-the-art laser hair removal services. Laser hair removal provides a long-lasting solution for unwanted hair, eliminating the need for constant shaving, waxing, or plucking. The spa utilizes advanced laser technology to target hair follicles and inhibit future hair growth, providing clients with smooth, silky skin. RAREV Medical Spa’s laser hair removal treatments are safe, efficient, and suitable for various skin types.

“We are thrilled to welcome our valued clients back to RAREV Medical Spa after a challenging period of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said the founder and lead practitioner at RAREV Medical Spa. “With our brand new remodeling and expanded services, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the ultimate experience in facial treatments, Restylane procedures, and laser hair removal. Our team of skilled professionals is excited to help our clients look and feel their best once again.”

As RAREV Medical Spa reopens its doors, the spa has implemented comprehensive safety measures to ensure the well-being of its clients and staff. Enhanced cleaning protocols, strict adherence to CDC guidelines, and the use of personal protective equipment are among the measures put in place to provide a safe environment for all.

RAREV Medical Spa invites both new and existing clients to experience the unparalleled level of service and care it offers. For more information about the spa’s services or to book an appointment, please visit www.rarevmedspa.com.

About RAREV Medical Spa:

RAREV Medical Spa is a premier destination for rejuvenation and wellness in Las Vegas, offering a wide range of aesthetic treatments. With a team of skilled professionals and a commitment to excellence, RAREV Medical Spa provides clients with personalized care that enhances their natural beauty and promotes overall well-being. The spa specializes in facial treatments, Restylane procedures, laser hair removal, and other advanced aesthetic services.

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Name: Raj Singh

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Address: 3900 West Charleston Blvd Ste 150, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Phone: (702) 560-7777

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