Wildlife removal

If you like a little bit of everything in one area, Howard County, MD is the place for you. Columbia and Ellicott City are bustling areas with lots to do and a fun, city feel. Go just a few miles out of the cities to Glenelg or Clarksville and you’ll find yourself backed up to beautiful, sprawling farmland. Keep in mind that there can be a problem with all of that farmland – wild animals!

Raccoon Removal, Snake Removal, Squirrel Removal and General Wildlife Removal in Howard County

Three common perpetrators that Howard County residents deal with are raccoons, snakes, and squirrels. They’re all small and very capable of making their ways into attics and basements without too much work. Everyone wants somewhere that provides a little extra shelter and a consistent food source. These animals are no different and will make a point to call your house “home.”

Professional Raccoon Removal

You’ve likely seen one of those commercials where the raccoons steal snacks out of people’s homes or cars and then go laugh about it later. It’s really not too far from the truth. Raccoons will go through your trash first, but if they don’t find anything that they like in there, they may just invite themselves through your doggy door. If raccoons find their way into your home, you should contact Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Removal immediately, as they can be very dangerous housemates.

Professional Snake Removal

Pop quiz! Do you know how many types of poisonous snakes live in Maryland? Most people don’t know the answer to this question right offhand. It’s better not to deal with any snake that decides to slither into your home. Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control can set up a system that makes it difficult for them to enter your home and can also help remove them altogether. By the way, there are 2 types of venomous snakes in Maryland and 27 types total.

Professional Squirrel Removal

Have a hole in the side of your home or notice that your vent looks a little askew? It may be time to check for squirrel activity. Squirrels frequently like to make nests in attics to keep themselves as well as their babies safe. The experts at Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control believe in evicting these fluffy foes in a humane way and getting them back to their natural habitat.

General Wildlife Removal Services

When you have an animal problem in Howard County, you can count on Mid Atlantic Wildlife Control. Our Wildlife Control technicians are trained by the animal control industry’s top professionals and use the latest techniques to resolve your animal control needs.

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