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Are you planning on visiting a chiropractor soon? Here are the most important questions to ask the best chiropractor in Singapore before getting treatment.

Chiropractic treatment has been around since the 1800s. Chiropractors make up the third-largest group of healthcare professionals worldwide.

Choosing the best chiropractor can be overwhelming, especially with so many practices out there!

Whether you are a newbie or you already frequent the chiropractor’s office, you might be curious about different options available to you.

Below are some common questions people have when seeking treatment. Read on to simplify your selection process!

Are Chiropractors Doctors?

The short answer: no. A chiropractor cannot treat you as a medical doctor would.

Chiropractors are licensed practitioners, meaning they have a lot of training and hands-on experience in their field.

Chiropractic professionals specialize in manipulating the body to relieve pain and stiffness. Their training includes best practices and safe ways to prevent future aches and pains.

To be a chiropractor, you must have a degree in the sciences. You must also have an active license to practice. If someone claims to have extensive training in chiropractic care but lacks a current license, walk away.

Some chiropractors specialize in a certain area. Some use “integrated” or “diversified” techniques, but all chiropractors use the same foundation of knowledge.

How Many Years Has the Chiropractor Practiced?

Every chiropractor goes through a learning curve. Some seasoned chiropractors may tout their experience. Do they keep up with the latest training, though? Are they willing to update their techniques to provide the best possible experience for you?

Green chiropractors may have the latest training, but do they have your trust?

Even newer chiropractic practices should have a steady flow of returning patients. If a practice just opened, you may need more information to make up for their lack of reputation.

Don’t be afraid to ask what makes a young chiropractor the right choice- just be respectful of what they can bring to the table.

Can the Chiropractor Run Tests When Necessary?

The best chiropractor offers more than just prevention techniques. If they find joint problems or chronic back pain, will they gather all necessary information before beginning treatment?

Good medical chiropractors run diagnostic tests like x-rays when needed. This way, your care follow-up doesn’t involve bouncing around from one professional to the next.

Still, you don’t want someone who runs extensive tests for everything under the sun. They should use discretion when running tests.

Is the Chiropractor Familiar With the Techniques I Might Need?

Ask potential chiropractors what techniques they use most often. Chiropractors typically master a range of techniques.

There might be several techniques that could treat your specific condition.

If you are pregnant, for instance, you might ask how that affects your specific treatment needs. Your designated chiropractor may specialize in a technique that realigns the pelvis or eases back pain.

Ask your chiropractor which technique they recommend and why. They should be able to walk you through the technique and give you an idea of what to expect.

Does the Chiropractor Have Good References?

Do patients rave about the chiropractor’s techniques? Does the practice have generally positive reviews?

Would other chiropractors refer you to them? If a seasoned professional trusts a fellow colleague, that says a lot.

If other chiropractors turn their nose up at a particular chiropractor’s techniques, you might be wasting your time with this one.

Look for someone who has good references from both patients and other reputed chiropractic professionals.

Will I Get the Attention I Need?

Many people look for professionals who treat them in a timely and respectful manner.

Will this chiropractor keep you waiting every time you come in? Will this chiropractor make your health a priority?


Another trait you want to look for is flexibility.

Is your chiropractor willing and able to fit you in for problems that pop up suddenly? Are they willing to adjust how often you meet for treatment?

If pain pops resurfaces regularly, you want someone who is proactive in helping you. You shouldn’t have to wait until the pain becomes unbearable.

Does the Best Chiropractor Use an Instrument or Their Hands?

There isn’t a black-and-white answer to this question. Your preference is part of the equation.

If you want more hands-on attention, it’s okay to ask for that. Break the ice before your treatment begins.

If you aren’t sure which approach you prefer, we offer a rundown of popular treatment approaches.

You may not need any direct contact or cracking to find relief!

If your treatment requires hands-on attention, don’t be discouraged. Get a second opinion before dismissing the original treatment option.

If you aren’t comfortable with being touched, let your chiropractor know. This is a common problem that the right professional can approach with you. A professional may minimize contact or incorporate tools wherever possible.

If you simply want to know more about the tools being used to treat your problem areas, ask for a demonstration. Get a visual so you know what’s happening to specific parts of your body.

Can I Get a Free Consultation?

Some chiropractors offer free consultations. Others may simply offer information on their website about any services they offer.

The best chiropractor will send you their recommendation in writing after speaking with you in-person. They will let you process all of the new information before deciding whether to move forward.

Some chiropractors will even offer a guarantee of some sort. Be wary of those who guarantee absolute satisfaction.

Medical professionals may not guarantee complete relief after a single treatment, as this is prohibited by law. Still, they might offer incentives or discounts that make treatment options more feasible.

Getting Help Shouldn’t Be a Pain

Wondering about the different chiropractic practices and how the profession has evolved in recent years?

There is no guarantee that a professional will handle your particular situation with the level of care you desire.

The best chiropractor will build a strong relationship with you as your needs change. They will make you feel more in control of your body, not less so.