Often confused with quartz, quartzite claims a spot next to reputable countertop stones like granite and marble because of its durability, natural formation and beauty. The stone consists of high percentages, 90-99%, of quartz. Under extreme conditions in the earth’s crust, the quartz fuses together to create a solidified stone considerably harder than granite. Quartzite and marble share similar characteristics in terms of their appearance. Yet, quartzite is practically impenetrable unlike marble. This means your kitchen countertops have little to no chance of being scratched or damaged while you teach your child how to cut tomatoes. This said, quartzite makes for a perfect accompaniment to any home. Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, under the roof or out on the patio in the sun, quartzite is repeatedly chosen for its warm aesthetic, heat resistance and tribute to nature. What started as sandstone now shines with the results of high heat and pressure from millions of years in the earth.  With roots that dig deep into earth’s history, quartzite holds memories within it which will only complement the memories made in your home.

At AA Granite Fabricator Direct, we prioritize the quality of quartzite that will complete your home. With our customers in mind, we set out to create a list of leading brands in quartzite countertops to ensure reliability of service, design and product. We came back with 4 brands. This quartzite countertop brand guide breaks down the benefits of each brand to help you decide which best fits your needs. Statistics related to environmental impact and design diversity are also included in this guide with photos from each brand’s quartzite countertop gallery.

If you have questions about specific quartzite suppliers or designs, or you’re interested in using quartzite for your next countertop project, contact the quartzite brand experts at AA Marble & Granite. We are more than happy to help; give us a call at 770.872.4815 email us [email protected] or fill out our Quick Contact Form, and a quartzite expert will contact you as soon as possible.

Large Countertop Manufacturers

There are several quartzite countertops brands that dominate the market. Each will have their warranty on products and specific prices. Here is a list of quartzite surfacing and natural stone manufactures.

Quartzite ManufacturerQuartzite SelectionYears EstablishedLevantina34 Designs1959MSI Stone28 Designs1975Cosmos19 Designs2005AGM Imports140 Designs1994


This Spanish company, which has been in business since 1959, boasts an international presence and excellence. Levantina Atlanta’s quartzite is gorgeously veined in 34 different designs and 2 finishes, polished or vintage. Levantina also offers a virtual reality app for experimenting with natural stone designs, such as those of quartzite. Levantina Stone experience gives you the opportunity to see the changes applied to your spaces before the big installation. For more Levantina quartzite countertop brand design, check out their gallery.

MSI Stone

MSI Stone is a seasoned veteran in the industry. Since 1975, MSI has only grown and maintained a high standard of customer satisfaction as well as stone quality, variety and design. This company also dedicates mindful efforts to environmental responsibility. As a U.S. Green Building Council member, MSI Stone strives to do their part by using recyclable materials in process packaging, energy efficient lighting and custom pallets for multiuse. With the green in mind, MSI Stone offers a lovely selection of the natural stone, quartzite, with particularly exotic designs: Amazonite, Mojave Sands and Azul Treasure to name a few.For more MSI quartzite countertop brand design, check out their gallery.

Cosmos Granite

A relatively new company in the industry, Cosmos Granite & Marble distributes its fine-tuned selection within the US at competitive prices. Affiliates of Cosmos Granite & Marble, located in India, process stone imported worldwide and deliver to Cosmos with impeccable results that will brighten and set the mood for any space. Currently, they have 19 designs in quartzite, which contain rich reddened and browned veins as well as cooler tones. Click below to schedule an appointment. For more Cosmos granite countertop brand designs, check out their gallery.

AGM Imports

A competitive brand in natural stone resourcing, AGM Imports Atlanta offers 140 quartzite designs with a wide range of secondary colors. AGM Imports prides themselves on their dedication to supplying many varieties of first grade natural stone from all over the world. This brand truly appreciates the natural beauty of quartzite and prioritizes both residential and commercial clients such that all may know and benefit from the warmth and shine of quartzite. For more info about AGM Imports quartzite selection, click below to schedule an appointment.

Industry leaders in quartzite production are catching up to the growing interest in quartzite countertops for the kitchen, bathroom, slabs, fireplaces and outdoor patio counters. Quartzite adds a unique beauty to each home as no two slabs are alike and strikes awe with knowledge that the earth alone created the intricate, stunning patterns in front of you. Quartzite is sure to be a conversation starter when guests arrive, a part of the everyday home or an elegant office. Quartzite instantly updates any space whether the mood is cool-toned, modern and sleek or warm-toned, cozy and crisp.

These 4 suppliers have passed our high standards for quartzite and we are certain the results will be fantastic regardless of the project. If you are interested in using quartzite for your next space improvement project. You’ve found us and we are dedicated to finding you the perfect stone. Our stone acquisitions department has connections to every one of these quartzite countertop brands, and can help you find the slab that fits your vision.

If you’re more interested in modern classics, or you prefer a softer, lighter stone, we also offer an impressive selection of marble, quartz, and quartzite countertop designs for you to choose from; in addition, we also offer a complimentary countertop design consultation. Our no-obligation countertop design appointment includes a face-to-face meeting with a countertop design expert, and is tailored to help you find the perfect stone and design for your countertop project.