QACoverage, a New York-based company, can effectively manage your testing processes, allowing you to produce products of the highest quality and without bugs.


New York City, New York, July 2, 2021- In the age of technology, it is crucial that your software platform performs at an optimal level. With the amount of competition that exists, one minor bug and your software can become completely irrelevant.

QACoverage is here to ensure your software is running at its full potential. With its test case management tools, your software is guaranteed to be performing at the best possible level of efficiency.

Test management tools are very helpful for a number of reasons. They provide structure for you to manage projects, test cases, and other components. They allow you to customize your project based on its needs.

“I never realized how helpful these tools were until I used QACoverage.” recalled a satisfied customer.

The test case management software includes many helpful components. 

To start any project, a reliable requirements module is necessary. This feature allows you to implement basic requirements during the static testing phase.

Also, with the test design module, you can design and group cases based on a variety of factors as well as implement review controls.

With the test execution module, you can catch defects with mapping traceability.

For the management of defects issues, risks, and other change requests, the tickets management module is very useful.

The agile module produces product backlogs and task boards for development teams, allowing you and your team to operate with full capabilities.

The reporting dashboard is a unique module that allows you allows you to have a full perspective on your project through various, detailed reports.

“Our team has worked very hard on our test case management tools, and I am very proud of what we have achieved.” said the CEO of QACoverage.

For all these great features, you will be very shocked to see the affordability of QACoverage products. The team offers a variety of packages, catering to many different needs.

To learn more about the specific products, you can visit the QACoverage website. Here they have detailed descriptions of the products offered, as well as the payment plans offered. 

To give you a better idea as to what kind of work QACoverage does, the team has uploaded many screenshots of their work in action. 

When it comes to managing your software, it is important to make sure you have the best management team around, and QACoverage is the team for you!

About QACoverage:

QACoverage is your one-stop destination for efficiently managing all your testing processes so that you can produce high-quality and bug-free products. QACoverage makes the test management process a cakewalk for your QA team. QACoverage is an innovative platform that offers project management solutions like test design, test automation, test execution, reporting and dashboard, requirement management, and agile modules that streamline the workflow for quality assurance teams.

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276 5th Ave Suite 704, New York, NY 10001 United States.