Purify Life launches a full line of Elderberry Vitamin Supplements geared towards boosting your immune system year-round. The multi-vitamin helps strengthen your natural defenses and fight off cold and flu symptoms. They are loaded with antioxidants, flavonoids, and Vitamin C that build an immune system powerhouse. Purify Life makes a variety of these supplements in order to offer safe options for all ages, from toddlers to seniors. Learn more at purifylife.com. 


Chicago, IL, August 24, 2020 – Purify Life launches a new product line—Elderberry Vitamin Supplements.

Today, the daily use of Elderberry fuels many health benefits that include immunity stimulation and anti-inflammatory properties. Taking the Elderberry vitamins can help boost the immune system to treat colds and the flu, or avoid them in your daily routine. The anti-inflammatory capabilities treat urinary tract and bladder infections, further ridding the system of unwanted ailments. It also makes a natural remedy for seasonal allergies. And finally, the Sambucus nigra plant is also high in fiber, supporting intestinal and digestive health.

From allergies and cold to the flu and infection, Elderberry has been treating many different sicknesses for centuries. The new line of Elderberry vitamins makes consumption of the superfruit more enjoyable than ever.

“We can’t think of a better way to naturally boost immunity than tasty supplements made for both kids and adults!” declared Tony Brink, spokesperson for Purify Life. “Not only do the gummies taste like candy, but they are also a convenient way to get your daily nutrition. We’ve listened to our customers’ needs and have continually improved the formula and flavor of our products to offer higher quality vitamins, at an affordable price.”

“The elderberry vitamins are proven to help fight off the common cold and other allergic symptoms due to our combination of Vitamin C, Zinc, and Elderberry,” says Purify Life spokesperson, Tony Brink. “These immune system building blocks all provide different values to the body with one goal, to keep you healthy!” 

Getting children to take their vitamins has never been easier. Purify Life even makes Elderberry Gummies for Kids! The Elderberry Gummies even come with a 2 month supply for your little ones to enjoy, while your pocket does too. 

The Chicago-based vitamin company has many other impactful products available at your fingertips. While Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is known for having many powerful benefits, it can be really hard to stomach. They’ve released a yummy gummy option that gives you all of the benefits without the horrid taste, stained teeth, and burning throat.

Beauty supplements are also available for Hair, Skin & Nails that come in a Biotin Multivitamin or Collagen Gummies. To add to the immunity line and all-around longevity, there is a Vitamin C option that boasts 250mg per serving, nearly triple your daily immunity needs. Vitamin C is also excellent for body tissue regrowth and repair, high blood pressure management, iron absorption, and stronger bone cartilage and teeth. Every bottle of gummies by this brand comes with 90 pieces, 50% more than the competition!

Learn more about their different products at purifylife.com!

About Purify Life: Our mission is to provide optimal supplements for people to live their best lives. We care deeply about the purity and quality of our products and strive to continually improve. We are also very proud of the response we’ve received from our customers, and because of them, we have earned Amazon’s Choice for our product category. We pride ourselves on our products and customer service, which is why our supplements go through extensive testing and quality checks in our FDA Registered Facilities. Made in the USA, and handled with care, Purify Life promises to provide you a supplement you want at a price you deserve.

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Organization: Purify Life
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Phone: 651-337-8822
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