BALTIMORE, MD, April 21, 2020 – The PuriCleanse patented dry fog treatment offers protection on contact from viruses and mold for 90 days!

PuriCleanse dry fog treatment is an all in one disinfectant, sanitizer, fungicide, deodorizer, and mold eliminator, that is able to get into the tiniest of spaces in your building without having to do major demolition or be shut down for long periods of time. Key insights include:

  • This treatment is EPA approved for use in all 50 states for both home and commercial uses.
  • Is Food-Grade safe for places like schools, hospitals, daycares, dorms, prisons, gyms, food processing plants, residential homes, commercial offices, and more.
  • Application by fogging to ensure all surfaces (floors, walls, counters, etc) are sterilized.
  • It has been 3rd party tested to prove its efficacy and has been shown to kill viruses for 90 days.
  • Allows occupants to return to the building in as little as 2-4 hours.

Once the Virus Disinfection application is provided, your facility will receive a certificate of treatment to post on the premises, showing your customers that you have chosen to take the extra step to provide a safe environment for them and their families. Your building will be protected for up to 90 days. After 90 days we can then do a discounted follow up treatment to ensure continued protection.

Ryan Vertucci, Founder of Baltimore Mold Removal company PuriCleanse, is available for a video meeting to discuss further opportunities to sterilize and clean your home and/or commercial space in Baltimore. Visit their site to learn more about the Baltimore virus disinfection services they offer.

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