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Alcohol is a tasty drug. Alcohol is one of those drinks that we have at the end of a stressful week to wind down and have fun. It is something that many of us enjoy most days and can be a great social tool for many.

However, like with any drug, there comes a time in our lives that we might be better off without alcohol, and instead we might want to enjoy life sober. If you have been enjoying a tipple a lot lately it might be worth considering a fresh start in January without the drink.

Today we want to share with you some of the health benefits of quitting alcohol and some of the things that will happen when you stop drinking.

Your relationships will improve

One of the downsides of drinking alcohol is that many of us will either become super loving or super agitated after a drink. If you have been struggling with the regret of the morning after a drunken night – it might be a good time to quit while you’re ahead and ditch the booze altogether. You will notice that the relationships you have with the people closest to you will be stronger when you don’t drink because you won’t end up saying things you don’t mean in the heat of the moment and cause problems.

You’ll have better skin 

Our skin needs to be hydrated in order for it to look healthy and be supple and young, but alcohol is a drug that dehydrates the body and will draw moisture out of your skin cells. To keep your skin perky and supple, lay off the booze and you will soon notice a change in your complexion as well as a natural glow to your skin that wasn’t there before.

You’ll sleep better 

It can be difficult to be stuck in a cycle where alcohol seems like the only way you can relax; but many of us have been there in our lives. Of course; if you have a major problem with drinking it is a good idea to contain professionals such as Enterhealth, but otherwise you can simply reduce it or stop for a while and reap the benefits. Sleep is an important function of the body and although alcohol is a depressant it stops us sleeping properly. Often if you go to bed drunk, you don’t sleep – your body simply stops due to the volume of alcohol in your system. This is why you feel tired the next day. Quitting drinking will improve your sleep massively and help you stay alert during the day.

You’ll be happier 

One of the biggest things you’ll notice when you stop drinking is that you will be a happier person overall. Alcohol is one of those drugs that can make us feel a little sad as well as paranoid. By stopping drinking you will feel happier as a person because your brain won’t be releasing sad hormones into your bloodstream. Being sober might seem boring at the time but it will actually benefit you when you are at parties or events!

You’ll lose weight 

We all know that alcohol can make us feel bloated, but often the main issue isn’t the volume of liquid – it’s the sugar content. Alcohol is packed with sugar and sugar when in the body converts itself to fat as an energy store. This is why when you drink a lot you often put on a few pounds as your body stores excess energy it doesn’t need yet. Take the chance this winter to lay off the booze and drop a few pounds after the festive season!

You won’t bloat 

Bloating is a huge factor when drinking alcohol and it is something that can make you feel every self conscious as well as very lethargic. By swapping a cocktail for a mocktail when you next go out for dinner you’ll save yourself that extra bloat and you’ll be able to wear something perhaps a little more figure hugging than you may have done before.

You’ll have better memories

One of the things that is sad about remembering a night out is the fact that you won’t remember that much of it after a certain point due to drinking. When thinking about a night out, it’s amazing to be able to remember the time you have spent with family and friends and these memories will be lost to you unless you go sober.

Choosing to be alcohol free will benefit you in years to come in more ways than one and can be a brilliant thing to try this year