Proud Automation has become the latest addition to the Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) list of certified system integrators. As a certified systems integrator, the company will assist MiR in implementing robots and offer customized solutions to industrial, manufacturing, and logistics customers to suit their application needs. For more information, click here.


Pittsburgh, PA, December 4, 2021 – Proud Automation, a subsidiary of the RG Group, has been named a Certified Systems Integrator by North America’s leading producer of autonomous mobile robots and Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). This milestone was revealed by Proud Automation’s Vice President of Sales, Mark Proud. As MiR’s robotic integrator, the company will supply robotic components, install and service them, and offer product training to customers.

As RG Group has successfully deployed over 100 MiR Autonomous Mobile Robots in the last few years, we have seen first-hand how disruptive this technology can be. It was important to strengthen our relationship with the world’s leading AMR company by having our Proud Automation Division named a Certified Systems Integrator. The adoption of MiR’s AMR’s is accelerating at an incredible rate, and we are poised to meet the demands of our customers,” said Proud.

Mobile Industrial Robots is a renowned producer and developer of autonomous mobile robots that make work easier and safer workplaces. Industrial companies, manufacturers, hospitals, and logistics companies benefit the most from these robots. They are easy to set up, use and can easily maneuver around people without accidents or congestion. Proud Automation joins the few robotic integrators trained and certified to implement robots and offer automation solutions with this partnership.

“Certified System Integrators have technicians and advanced users of MiR products and know-how. They have conducted training provided by MiR to certify the strong technology insights needed to ensure the highest degree of customer service,” said MiR representative.

Robots take up simple tasks leaving the employees to focus on more meaningful tasks. Automation benefits businesses by ramping up production, improving efficiency, and making the workplace less congested.

Proud Automation strives to make companies better by helping them incorporate industrial automation technologies such as MiR robots into their operations. The firm collaborates with industrial automation manufacturers to supply machine components for machine and process control, robotics, motion controls, remote monitoring, connectivity, and automated inspection. Moreover, the company also installs, services, and offers training on automation products to help customers get the best experience from automation technology.

“Our team provides various services, including engineering assistance, installation, product training, and post-sale technical support. We also offer automated solutions for customers looking to implement an engineered solution from the ground up. Leveraging our technological expertise, we are ready to tackle your most challenging applications,” added Proud.

About Proud Automation: Proud Automation, a division of RG Group, is an industrial automation company that assists companies in utilizing industrial automation technologies. The firm supplies machine components, offer installation and engineering services, and provides turnkey systems. With over twenty years of experience in machine control, robotics, machine vision applications, data collection, reporting, and other automation solutions, Proud Automations helps companies gain a competitive advantage through automation technology. 

Contact information:

Name: Mark Proud
Organization: Proud Automation, division of RG Group
Address: 325 S Main St, Pittsburgh, PA 15220  
Phone: (412) 838-0230