The top-quality business that sells surface protection for floors, carpet, countertops, metal/HVAC, and all types of transportation from autos to trains to planes to golf carts and food trucks, ArmorDillo, is currently offering their new Glueless Transport Car Protection Film


Rochester, NY, Oct 28, 2021 – ArmorDillo is a top-quality surface protection company that offers solutions for protecting your property during manufacturing, repair, storage, travel, renovation, painting, construction, open house, or just owning pets. And now, they’re releasing a new product, like nothing you’ve ever seen before, meet the Glueless Transport Car Protection Film.

ArmorDillo Glueless Transportation Protection Film is the only glueless and adhesiveless car protection film on the market. It is the most easily removable transport film available and the only one guaranteed to never leave a residue! It provides a strong durable temporary layer of protection to your exterior finishes. You can use it during transport (open/enclosed), assembling, or performing custom fabrication, painting, among others.

This stuff is 100% made in the USA. Thanks to the miracles of science, the black layer has all the properties of glue without being a glue! It is better than any other protective car wrap with adhesive and is specifically made for high-gloss surfaces. Its UV inhibitor protects for up to 6 months and adheres over bends and curved surfaces. This stuff isn’t just strong, it’s ArmorDillo strong!

And if you’re still not convinced, know that it passed the 4 summer-months-long grueling infamous GM tests for automotive protective film in Jacksonville, FL with flying colors. Offering glueless transport wrap, their auto wrap is a 5 layer PE/PP copolymer, heat resistant, with 6 months of UVI protection. Protecting your vehicle from getting damaged from transport, sandblasting, rock chipping, invisible road debris, low hanging branches, sand and dust storms, rock salts, loose gravel, bushes, dripping oil or fluids from the car above, road splash, gnats, grasshoppers, etc… Protect your vehicle with the best of the bests.

The product includes a Free Utility Knife with every roll -be careful not to scratch your surfaces- the adhesiveless car shipping protection film is specifically designed for the OEM automotive market and the protection of automotive paint systems during storage outside or transport. Surfaces to which tape is applied should be clean, dry, and free of grease, oil, or other contaminants. The user should determine whether the product is fit for purpose and is suitable for the user’s method of application before use.
At ArmorDillo, you will find a selection of amazing products in a variety of different fields, offering products for carpet protection, floor protection, automotive protection, countertop protection, metal protection & HVAC, and different kinds of tapes. They care about their products and they care about their customers. Offering the only 100% completely made in USA films on the market.

Do you want a Free Roll? Simply send them a 1 minute plus video of you using the product and they will either refund you the price for one (24″x 200′) roll or send you a free one!

For more information about ArmorDillo surface protection, visit Use their free shipping on orders over $50 and start getting their high-quality, super pliable products. ArmorDillo has many uses, your imagination is the limit!

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